Retro Snap: Who Is This Weird Little Girl?

What’s great is how uncomfortable the parents are in this picture.

It’s me. 26 in one day. FINE THIS IS HOW I’M CELEBRATING. By posting gratuitous pictures of myself. In our celebrity photos section. It’s pretty rad, not going to lie. Also, Spikeroll makes a nice cameo in this, so that’s good. And yes, Mom, I realize you and Dad were not really uncomfortable (you very clearly were).

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    • Meghan Keane


    • endn

      yayayay happy birthday! dear lord that is adorable!

    • Maggie

      Happy birthday!

    • Fabel

      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will drink champagne for you tomorrow!!

    • Ellen W.

      Iw as hoping this was you! You’re so perfectly early 90s!

    • MR

      I knew it was you. That smile. So when you’re traveling on the train tomorrow please think of a happy, birthday memory, cause I’m sure there are many. I got one from 3 weekends ago. Yeah, my mom was goofin’ on my brother and me, and my girlfriend liked it so much.

    • Sam

      I had a feeling it was gonna be you, and you look adooooorable! Happy birthday :)

    • Nessy

      Happy birthday (belated). You were very cute, and your stuffed animal sounds like the name of a sushi dish.