Gallery: Characters We Used To Admire On Television

Were there ever characters we used to admire on television? Yes. These ones. Specifically these ones.

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    • Ali

      Law & Order! And Law & Order SVU. They always get justice.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Good point. And Goren is one of my all time faovrite characters, because he is the best.

    • Megan

      Oh, Giles.


      I miss Giles.

    • Arnie

      Doctor Who! Because I am a bit of a geek like that. But seriously, it’s freaking awesome. Time travel, aliens and general shenanigans all centred around a character who is a fundamentally good person (or Time Lord, whatever).

      And the British are incredibly sexy.

      • Daniela

        And he wears bow ties. Bow ties are cool. (Also useful for wedding ceremonies.)

    • Hae


      Oh god, I used to have such a crush on Sam Seaborn, which unhealthily transformed into an unhealthy obsession for Rob Lowe.