Poll: Do You Expect There To Be Savory Food At A Party? What Kind?

rainbow cake

This is not personal at all, it is an important question about life in our times.

Let’s say you were invited to a party where the host specifically said there would be cake and champagne, and made like 23 clever Sloane Crosely jokes in the invitation. Would you be upset if there was only cake? And champagne? And nothing savory? What would you do? Would you steal her furniture? How? It would be hard to carry. Or would you just go all Chris Brown and tear off your shirt and throw a chair out the window? I am curious!

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


Also – I should get a baked brie, maybe? I really don’t have time to make one, though. And I’m not totally sure where you buy one! Baked brie is messy, anyway, it’s more of a dinner party food. Strawberries and whipped cream? Again, I think that’s going to look messy once people have dipped a few times. What’s a good savory snack? I’m not just throwing some chips in a bowl, I’ve already assembled a cupcake tree. Chips in a bowl will look idiotic next to my really cool tree made out of cupcakes.

I guess it bears mentioning that – do you remember the Annette Benning character in American Beauty? I related to her so, so much.

UPDATE: In deference to some of your suggestions, I have incorporated in some Nice Cheese crackers.


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    • Ashley Cardiff

      I’m not going to be disappointed, per se, in the lack of salty foods, but I will silently judge you.

      • Lemona

        But won’t your sartorial choices be better because of the lack of salty foods, and perhaps because the silent judgement will add a little extra glow to your skin? (See comments above from MM and myself, please.)

    • macalny

      Cake is fine and all, but really how hard is cheese and crackers? Or hummus and veggies? What about olives? Maybe some pretzels and french onion dip? Options abound. . . .

    • Lauren

      I usually only eat cupcakes and champagne at parties so I’m all for this menu as is.

    • Goldie

      Every time I have a party I offer a variety sweets and salties trying to be creative or at least a little bit sophisticated with my choices. Inevitably the thing people eat all of is whatever lowbrow high salt/fat thing that took five minutes to make. Spinach and Artichoke dip, storebrand cheese log, sausages wrapped in bacon, etc. All the foods I can’t pronounce, that I am so proud of, always have leftovers.

      But seriously, just do a cheese plate. A couple of big hunks of fancy cheese, apple slices, sausage slices, crackers. Done. Maybe some roasted nuts.

    • porkchop

      I’m imagining you vacuuming in a slip now.

      People should only expect champagne and cake. If there did happen to be prosciutto there as well…

    • Ashley Cardiff

      (thanks for weighing in, you guys, because me and my salt tooth are the ones who’ll benefit)

      • Ashley Cardiff

        (also, let’s find other ways to manipulate jennifer that are advantageous to me)

    • Magda

      I think expectations are based on your audience(guests?) and the intent of the party. If its a red cup “rager” I doubt people will expect ANY food, but chips would suffice.

      Clearly, with your lovely cupcake tree and all, that is a far cry from your event. I like the veggies and hummus idea. And the cheese plate. Cheese makes everything better! Dont they even have those refridgerated premade cheese tray things? Easy as pie. (to be honest, I never understood that saying, pie is far from easy. Getting your pastery perfect is a MISSION).

      • sara

        Veggies w/ dip or hummus, A cheese plate with a variety of crackers and a bowl of fancy olives. If for no other reason then to keep your guests from fainting from the sugary champagne/cake high. If you have a food that’s a little more hardy–people will stick around longer.

    • Allison

      Get a brie baker. People are always impressed with it. It’s just a circle dish that you put a brie wheel in, maybe put some jam/jelly etc on top and bake it for 20 minutes. The brie doesn’t go everywhere since it’s contained in the baker, and it is delish. Makes you look like you put a lot of work into it, when it’s super simple.

    • MM

      If I went to a party with only cake and champagne I would be THRILLED.

      • Lemona


        I long to be invited to a cake-and-champagne-only party. In fact, when I dress for parties, I try to dress for cake-and-champagne-only.

    • Lindsey

      Cheese, crackers, fruit. But since it’s your birthday you should make someone else bring it.

      Force whoever loves you best to go to the store and painstakingly look through every container of strawberries to bring you only the best. Find the one bruised fruit and look at him or her with a look of disappointment. So they’ll know they’re never truly enough.

      • Jennifer Wright

        Thank you Lindsey.


      • Ashley Cardiff


    • Jane

      People are always impressed by something wrapped in bacon.
      Martha Stewart knows this:


      BOOM. Easy & satisfying for salt cravers.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      You know, Jen, eventually you’ll have to write about something like fashion or beauty, instead of just using the site as a sounding board for your neuroses.

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Maria

      Fashion/gossip post: 2-4 comments. Cake post: 19 comments. This is who’s reading your site. I’d go to a party IN HONOR of that cake (if that means I can still eat it).

      But this is a serious topic, so here is some serious advice: You could just make savory muffins (throw in olives, feta and tomatoes) and make a second tree, that would look nice and not distract from the sweet stuff.

      • Jenny

        Or you could compromise and get some of those crazy savory cupcakes they are making nowadays. I swear I’ve seen a cupcake that involved bacon….. I don’t remember because I blacked out in ecstasy.

    • Jamie Peck

      I don’t go to parties to eat, I go to them to root through people’s medicine cabinets for appealing prescriptions. SEE YOU TONIGHT!

    • MR

      Small quiche are always good. You did said say savory.

    • Sam

      On a side note: I wish I had friends who did cake parties.