Goodbye Betsey Johnson LLC, And Thank You For All The Cartwheels

Betsey Johnson

Today, Betsey Johnson LLC filed for bankruptcy. To you ageless, free-spirited souls out there, I’m sorry to tell you that the news is really grim. It’s not just a “We’re reorganizing and refusing to pay the pensions we promised” bankruptcy. It’s a “Close the doors and sell the leftover hangers” bankruptcy.

Betsey Johnson is closing all of her stores and letting go of approximately 350 employees. It is a rough day for the world of hot pink leopard print.

You could go to this link and read the rather bland statement from the company’s CEO. It’ll remind you that the company got so incredibly desperate that it accepted money from Steve Madden a couple years back. Our souls died a little that day, didn’t they?

Or you could flip through this slideshow of the wonderful Betsey J and send happy vibes to that wacky little lady who can’t help but smile. Wherever you are today Bets, I hope you’re drinking champagne and remembering the good times!


(Photo: Racked)

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    • Emma

      This just makes me so, so incredibly sad. She is all I ever wore for years, from the time I was 7 to (…well not AS much anymore, but) now, 13 years later. Two words: lobster cardigans. I truly believe that if she lengthened her dresses back to the way they used to be, a mere few years ago, that this would have been unavoidable. The quality of her clothes used to be impeccable, but recently they have looked cheap and garish. I miss the sexy and timeless, yet forever zany, clothes she used to produce.

      • sara

        Agreed Emma!! Vintage Betsey is so badass and timeless. When I looked at anything new, it’s was all short 50s pink and black dresses that looked very juvenile. And the prints seemed less Betsey, more current trends.

        Sad day!!

    • Gen

      This is SUCH a bummer! Will there be closeout sales though? I need to figure out when my last chance at buying a rose print corset dress will be.

    • Erin

      This is so sad! I just caved last night and bought a Betsey Johnson bag I’ve been wanting forever. I might go nuts at a closeout sale too. I already obsessively horde her earrings.

    • Nancy

      So sad, I have a great pair of her designer shoes that get so many compliments and some fun, sexy langerie. She has been around since I was a kid. Must be the bad economy.

    • KeLynn


    • Chelsea

      Oh no!!! Does this mean it’s all going on sale????

      • Sam

        Same thing I was wondering! If so, cha-Ching!

    • Sara

      Agree with you ladies above! If her clothes were more age appropriate for me (21) I would have loved to own more Betsey pieces, truly.

      Blah, this is sad! She was so different from what else is out there.

      • JENN

        “Age appropriate”? What do you mean?

        You’re only 21 so I don’t see how her clothes could be too youthful or childish for you. And I know her clothes weren’t favored by older women because they were colorful and spunky.

        So I’m not sure what you mean.

    • Christina Louise

      Hot pink and leopard print… my mix and match turquoise white and purple socks… totally.