Treat Your Children Like Accessories, Just Like Victoria Beckham!

Victoria and Harper BeckhamI don’t normally try to hate on Victoria Beckham. Yes, I realize that she looks like she hates life, even though she lives a fairytale that puts Cinderella to shame. But in general, I think she’s a pretty put together woman who always wants to look powerful and in control. I can respect that.

However, I cannot get behind these little Mommy & Me outfits that Beckham shared via Facebook from a recent trip to Beijing. Apparently, the Beckham’s youngest daughter Harper needs to match Mommy at all times, like an adorable pooping handbag.

Don’t get me wrong, the clothes are adorable. And I would expect this mini-sartorialist to be decked out in designer children’s wear. I just don’t know that you need to coordinate with your daughter. I mean, Heaven forbid she have her own little personality and existence separate from that of her mother.

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    • lindsey

      Harper Beckham is 9 months old. I doubt she has much personality at all right now. Or, ok, she probably has some personality, but I doubt very much she cares what clothes she’s wearing. If she were 9 *years* old I would agree with you. But at 9 months? Nope.

      • Lindsey

        I totally agree with you… and we have the same name. Same person???

        I bet, having Victoria Beckham as a mom, this girl is going to develop quite a style.

    • Dana

      I am so not trying to troll right now, but this article is exactly why you don’t have the faithful commenters like some other similar websites. This is so negative and making a non-issue something dramatic. So many mothers dress their babies to match them. She is a BABY. I’m sure Victoria Beckham will encourage her daughter to make her own fashion choices when she’s old enough to not poop herself.

      This just makes me feel like you judge everyone, so why would I want to risk getting judged myself? Ugh.

      • Camila

        You took the words from my mouth… Kid can’t even speak and you are judging her mom because she dresses her daugther?
        Mom’s dress their babys.. Your take on this is close to hilarious.

    • Sophie

      YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME! Harper is a little baby. She can tell yet what she how she wants to be dress. A lot of moms in the world love to coordinate with their daughters, is a very spacial way to bond. Your comment is beyond silliness. I think Victoria is an example of a good mom. She dresses her little girl as a baby, Harper is not waring heels or makeup. Harper is going to be an amazing girl.

    • tiddles

      I think VB is just excited to have a daughter after having 3 boys. After all, this is a woman who loves fashion. I do agree it is a little twee to coordinate your child but there are many mums who do similar things or only dress there daughters in pink. I don’t think there is anything sinister going on here !