Vintage Victoria’s Secret Catalogs > Modern Victoria’s Secret Catalogs

Every now and again, the internet unearths something great. Although we’re always sad to see vintage 70s catalogs that don’t involve International Males, we will happily make do with this delightful throwback to Victoria’s Secret beauties: pre-draconian liquid diets, yogalates and shimmering body bronzer. Nope, there aren’t any eerily flawless, obsessively toned and digitally manipulated Brazilian babes here, just some very tasteful and sophisticated ladies lounging in their most intimate finery.

(Fashionising has a few more!)

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    • Lilac

      This ladies look more anorexic than the models we have now.

      • Peppercorn

        Really? They look loads healthier to me… their stomachs look toned, like they’ve been doing their cardio, not emaciated or starved. Other than the awkward 70s makeup and hair, I think they’re quite lovely.

    • Lindsay

      This is the most awkward thing I’ve seen in awhile. That set is terrible.

    • LCT

      Woah buddy…that styling was HOR-REN-DOUS. Navy eyeliner raccoon eyes and wild-west ringlets?? Eew!

    • Jenny

      Is it just me or do these seem more overtly sexual or pornish than current VS catalogs?

      Maybe it’s just me – when I see women in 70′s style hair and makeup, all laying around, together, in lingerie, I think “swinger’s party”

      I fear I’ve said too much…..

    • Sam

      That was quite cringe worthy.

    • alma

      This looks like really bad “vintage” porn…did this really sell lingerie? yikes. Gotta love the fainting couch though

    • Pendergrast smith