The Egyptian Parliament Is Seriously About To Legalize Necrophilia

In a move straight out of House Of 1,000 Corpses, lawmakers in Egypt’s parliament are trying to pass a measure that would allow a man to have sex with his wife’s dead body. Called the “farewell intercourse” law, it would permit the husband to make sweet love to his wife’s corpse up to six hours after her death. Only six? Better get crackin’!

According to Al Arabiya, the law is based on the teachings of people like Moroccan Islamic fundamentalist cleric Zamzami Abdul Bari, who hold that marriage remains valid even after death. A wife can have sex with her dead husband too, okay? Let’s all think about that for a second.

More worryingly for people who are currently alive, the law comes as part of a religiously justified assault on women’s rights, including a measure to lower the minimum age of marriage to 14 for girls, and another that would take away divorce rights from women. This kind of thing is obviously despicable, and makes me wish there was something I could do to help other than write about it in a blog.

See, people? Do you see what happens when you take ancient religious documents as literal prescriptions for what modern people should and should not be allowed to do with their genitals? The results are very, very…not good. (I was going to use a really gross adjective here, but I restrained myself. Golf claps?)

In conclusion, here are some old timey videos of people dancing, set to The Misfits‘ “Last Caress.”

And here’s a bonus song!

UPDATE: So it came out today that this is probably a false rumor spread by a loyalist of recently toppled ruler Hosni Mubarak, who certainly has motivation to throw shade on the newly elected Parliament. Sorry, Egyptian necrophiliacs.

(Via Business Insider)

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    • Noah

      Your evidence is that it was published by ‘al-arabiya’? haha good one

    • Mischa

      Well, I hadn’t yet had my daily bout of suicidal ideation until I read this.
      Thanks for reminding me of the need!

    • redwan

      Who said this is really from the authentic Islam, you have to realize that most muslims do not follow the real Islam, rather they follow innovated practices that came later into the religion. Even if these verdicts are ancient, it by no means there AUTHENTIC, meaning from the sayings of the Prophet may peace be upon him. Secondly, you take any action, that any Muslim does…especially the baseless evil actions, and you say that this is what Islam is. The fact is you (Author) do not no what the real Islam, the authentic Islam is, and God knows best if you care to know. Alot of people who hate the idea of God or Religion, like the atheist, will do anything in their power to defame religion, and this is their sole Agenda. Most people who like only to follow their lust, force themselves to believe that there is no God, as this means that they can follow their desires without being held to account. But if you didn’t create yourself, and you could not have been created by nothing, doesn’t the only option left mean that you were created by the Creator? My advice to all is to seek the truth, and not beleive everything you hear in the media, as its source may come from men who have their own agendas, thus lies, bias views and deception can be involved in their actions. AND REMEMBER NOT EVERYTHING YOU HEAR ABOUT ISLAM…ACTUALLY MOST OF WHAT YOU HEAR ABOUT ISLAM ON THE NEWS HAS NO BASIS IN ISLAM ITSELF, AND SEEK THE TRUTH TO FIND OUT WHICH IS THE TRUE RELIGION.

      • Nancy

        That was all over the place.

    • Marie