10 Reasons Why You May Want To Consider A Pixie Cut This Summer

I remember hooking up with a guy in college who said to me that he loved girls with short hair because it proves that they have balls. I agreed with him: “fuck yeah, I have balls!” That, and I’m too lazy to grow it out.

I have naturally curly hair. If I were to grow it out, it would actually be quite lovely, but getting even slightly below the chin-length phase is a very difficult task for me. I also love, and this is where I’d use all caps if I were 13 years old and gushing about a boy, absolutely love my pixie cut. I also stand by the fact that it looks great on almost everyone — except this girl I saw on the train once years ago, but there may have been other contributing factors for this.

As the spring starts to come to an end and the summer is about to slap us in the face with its brutal heat, I would like to present you with 10 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge into the pixie cut world. If you’ve done it before, great! Maybe it’s time to do it again. But if you’ve never done it and always wanted to, let me point out some facts that will help in your decision.

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    • LCT

      Hells yes! I just chopped all my hair off into a pixie 2 months ago, and it’s amazing!

      And I am a HUGE Jean Seberg fangirl now.

    • Sarah!

      I’m so jealous. I look terrible with short hair. I already have a long neck, which is great, but short hair makes me look kind of serpentine.

      This just one of many reasons why I cannot pull off short hair.

    • Tania

      I think pixie cuts are adorable, but my “thing” is really long hair. It’s wavy and down to my butt when wet.

    • Tulip Jefferson

      I disagree that pixie cuts are low maintenance. I have one and every morning I wake up with what I call, Celery Head, and have to get that mop in order. I also have to get it cut more often. But it absolutely does cut down blow-dry time.

      • Megan

        I agree. I’ve got a pixie, too, and every morning I absolutely have to wash my hair and wrestle with it. In a related story, though, I have about 6 cowlicks and a phenomenally prominent widow’s peak to tame.

        I think pixie cuts are a lot easier for people who have a straight hairline; the hair will just fall correctly, even if it’s curly hair. Not so much for me. The drying time is less, yeah, but I still have to wrangle my hair.

      • Spastastic

        Yeah, despite (usually) being short my hair is still unruly. I have REALLY thick, loosely curly hair. It has so much body that it’s hard to get it to lay flat sometimes. When a piece decides it wants to stick up or curl in some weird way, I can’t get it to behave without getting it wet and blow-drying it.

      • Kat G

        I had a pixie cut for years. It was SUPER adorable and my morning commute in my convertible made it look just right. But that isn’t low maintenance. Every morning my hair had to be clean and wet in order to get it to look right and thus that meant showering daily JUST FOR A HAIRSTYLE and it also meant that I had to go to work — see? High maintenance. As soon as I decided it was time to have a spawn, I started growing it out. Twisted up into a loose updo is FAR easier than my pixie cut when I have a baby that won’t stop trying to put things into outlets during showers…

    • Ally

      Although I think pixie cuts look great on some people, long hair also looks great on others. I have mid back length golden blonde wavy hair and it looks really freakin foxy.

    • Kat G

      Oh, and I’m not allowed to watch Breathless anymore because of that Jean Seberg pixie perfection…

      • LCT

        Right??? She’s French gamine perfection!

    • Jon

      emma best pixie cut ever