• Fri, Apr 27 2012

Pick Of The Week: Yes, This Ring Is Shaped Like A Vagina

Despite the primary role it plays in many important issues of today (and always), it’s not often that you see the mighty vagina depicted in fashion or design. Part of that might lie in how hard it is to render; anything that’s taller than it is wide can be a phallic symbol, but the vagina is subtler than that. Enter Pussy Rings, the first collaboration between Canadian synth-popster Grimes and jeweler/sculptor Morgan Black. It’s like a cock ring, but it goes on your finger!

The Grimes Pussy Ring is not yet available in stores, but the fact that Grimes wore one for her recent performance on Late Night With Jools Holland gives me hope. And in case you have yet to be introduced to this adorable, multi-talented little weirdo, here’s some Grimes with which to kick off your weekend. (Warning: may get stuck in head.)

(Via Pitchfork)

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  • Lisa

    That is not a vagina. That’s a vulva.