Dentist Removes Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Teeth – Does This Qualify As A Truly ‘Crazy Ex’?

I’m conflicted. It’s a philosophical debate on par with determinism versus free will or Xavier versus Magneto.

Can this woman really be deemed a “crazy ex”?

Here are the facts: Anna Mackowiak is a dentist in Poland. Her ex-boyfriend, who left her for another woman, had a toothache. He went to his scorned ex and asked her to pull the tooth for him. But while Marek Olszewski was under anesthesia, Dr. Mackowiak preceded to pull every tooth out of the man’s mouth.

Go ahead and let that sink in for a minute. This man no longer has any teeth.

Listen, we’ve spent a lot of time here at The Gloss debating men’s use of the term “crazy” when it comes to females who express emotions. I think our Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Wright, explained things brilliantly. Normally, “crazy” is just code for “having emotions that the man was uncomfortable with.”

In this circumstance, Anna obviously had some resentment towards her ex, which I can understand. It can be really difficult to have someone choose another woman over you. It damages your confidence. It breaks your trust. It can leave you angry and hurt. This woman had every right to those feelings.

By waltzing back into Anna’s office and just expecting her to treat him like any other patient, Marek was obviously disregarding his ex’s feelings and possibly rubbing his choice in her face. Not to mention, what type of serious idiot goes under anesthesia with an ex-girlfriend whose still mad at you? I feel like that level of stupidity is really begging to have something horrible happen.

But we have to keep going back to the fact that this woman didn’t just “accidentally” pull his front two teeth instead of the molar with a cavity. She removed every tooth in his mouth. All of them. He will wear dentures from now on.

She also faces criminal charges and will never practice dentistry again, at least not legally. Her hatred for her ex just ended her career. That’s a level of intensity that might just warrant the whole “crazy” label. I feel like Marek might be one of the few men on the planet who really has the right to slur, “At itch iz cwazy.” Yea, that’s what I imagine you would sound like without teeth. I came up with it by trying to talk with my lips covering my teeth, so it’s not an exact translation or anything.

Then again, if the man who just broke my heart was lying unconscious in front of me and I was pulling one tooth out of his mouth, I think I can understand the intense need to just keep pulling. I bet it was cathartic for dear Anna. I bet she thought of every mean and horrible thing he had done as she pulled those bicuspids and incisors.

But yea, she’s probably a little bit crazy.

What do you think? Justifiable revenge or Fatal Attraction level insanity?

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    • Eileen

      You say “no.” Or, maybe if you’re truly vindictive, you look up his insurance plan and do a bunch of small, probably not totally necessary things that it doesn’t cover. But this is beyond the pale.

    • Helen

      No, Lindsay, this brutal assualt was not justified. That women is a pyscopath! Yes, she had a right to be angry with him, but a reasonable person can control their anger. The dentist should have, like a normal person, left an angry voicemail, not pull out his teeth. She deserves a long prison term. There is nothing he could have done to deserve it. He was, of course, insensitve to her feelings, but you should stop victim-blaming. If a male dentist had done this to his ex-girlfriend, your reaction would be very different.

    • Mary

      If she was still that angry at him, she should have refused to pull his tooth and made him find another dentist to do it.

      • NotThumper

        Agreed! Or maybe just “accidentally” not give him the right amount of anesthesia so he either wakes up during or feels a little something. ;p

        But yeah, totally nuts to pull all his teeth. So not worth damaging your own reputation and career.

      • G

        Yeah, I definitely think appropriate level of crazy would have been to not give enough anesthetic. After making him sign a waiver.

        Pulling all teeth out just gives impression that you care way too much.

    • Dave

      As a man these days I have some very important advice for men.
      Dont date, dont marry – avoid women.
      Such behaviour is very common -and you dont even have to have done anything wrong. An ex of mine two timed me I wouldnt have even dreamt of doing anything like that. I decided dont bother with women. After a lot of very nasty events – with todays man hating culture. I spend my time
      talking men out of marriage and dating its a minefield.
      Violence is a joke -when its against men.
      Men should read MGTOW philosphy -Its about dignity and respect google it.
      If you are smart you will apply it.

      • Cassie

        That’s logical. One woman treats you poorly, so you condemn 3.5 billion of them. Sensible.

      • Sam

        “The goal is to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work toward limited government!”
        lololol are you serious right now?

        Seriously, wow. And you think the culture is “man hating”?! My goodness, you are delusional. Let’s be honest: you spend your time talking men out of most likely being incredibly happy with a woman for the rest of their lives because you’re jealous. If they can be happy with a woman, that means that since you’re not, there’s something wrong with you. Sorry buddy, but you’re transparent.

      • Dave

        Better Dead Than Wed
        Guys! Dont do it!

      • Maggie

        Haha, oh Dave. Did you miss the past few years that weren’t the 1950′s? It’s really sad that your view of women is so skewed based on a couple of bad relationships. Not that I think we have to justify anything to you or like-minded misogynists, but no, all of us ladies are not crazy. You however seem a little bit off your rocker.

        Have fun dying alone! :)

    • Clio

      Batshit crazy.

    • Jennifer Wright

      She ripped out all his teeth. All of them. That is actually crazy. No one is going to defend that, certainly not me.

      • Stephanie

        Yeah, if we can’t draw the line here, in the “pulling-out-of-all-the-teeth” sand, then we have to reevaluate our thought process again. DANG!

    • Sam

      Him: Dumb, insensitive, poor judgment.
      Her: Vengeful, sadistic, cruel, violent.

      Everyone’s been hurt by somebody, often very badly. There’s no justification for physically harming somebody, particularly in such a permanent way.

    • Dave

      Face it Men! listen to the editorialist:

      This one took his teeth. You dont need to be a jerk like him
      You can be a nice guy and well ….Dont say you were not warned

    • Maggie

      Yup, bat shit crazy. I’ve always tried to be a classy ex; after all, the best revenge is showing that person how much better your life is without them in it. For her to do something so awful on so many levels shows that she needs some serious help.

    • Anna Gisen

      Well what a jerk to come to her in the first place. What was he thinking?

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