Gallery: Let’s Judge Chloë Sevigny Based On What Her Apartment Looks Like Inside

What’s more fun than looking inside of other people’s houses? Looking inside the houses of stylish celebrities you still aren’t sure if you like or not. And lucky me, New York Magazine’s May cover spread of Chloë Sevigny‘s adorably outfitted East Village apartment scratches just that very specific itch. Will these photos make me like her less, or more? Well, let’s see.

(Via New York)

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    • Emma

      I want to live there. If i didn’t already like her before, I love LOVE her now (minus covering up the exposed brick. damn fool.)

    • Nancy

      I love her kitchen! The reading chair is cute, but doesn’t look that comfortable for reading. I’d rather one of those circle bamboo chairs!

    • Ms. Pants

      The pentagram was actually used in a lot of Catholic altars, rituals, and on the shields of soldiers dating back to Emperor Constantine I. Depending on what source you find, to the Catholics it represents the 5 stigmata wounds, the 5 knightly virtues, the unbreakable knot/bond, etc.

      Not sure on Chloe’s knowledge of it. The pentagram in her bedroom doesn’t appear to be situated in a manner that hints at what she was getting. Two points up, one point down–could be Catholic, could be emo Anton LaVey. One point up, typically how the neo-pagans display it.

    • L

      Ughhhhh F her and her Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis Wallpaper.

      jealous :(

    • Sabrina

      I want to live there! Also, I always refer to men as boys and women as girls… it’s just the way it is.