If Your Ex-Boyfriend Were A Designer Handbag…


Here’s a fun game to play when you wish you could shove all your ex boyfriends in the back of your closet and forget about them forever. Go through your list and imagine each ex as a different designer handbag. Then imagine not buying them, or even better, burning them in a pile in your backyard. Now you’re really in control!

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    • Rose

      I have a teeny tiny hand-held number that always make me think of my ex-husband.

    • Anneler Günü Hediyesi

      amazing site to do online shopping! I’ll share this site with my friends soon.


    • alma

      Patrick Bateman….lqtms (laughs quietly yo my self)

    • becca

      if your ex WERE a designer hand bag….doesnt anyone appreciate the English language anymore??

    • Rona

      Mine is most definitely the Alexander McQueen clutch. He actually thought he was Patrick Bateman and even had a picture of him covered on blood as the background to his iPhone.

    • Sophia

      Does anybody know what brand that brown leather/navy canvas handbag is in the picture?