What Age Is Appropriate For Thigh High Boots?

gogo boots

Like, Sally Draper’s age?

No? No, probably anything referred to as “fuck me boots” shouldn’t be worn by a ten year old, right? Or… a 12 year old.  Friends of mine – one of whom tweeted “Sally Draper in fuck-me boots. cc: @textbasedtumblr” seem to be interpreting this as a costuming cue that Sally Draper is on the fast track to disaster. Though to be honest, the first time I saw this picture I thought “oh, Sally is just rocking the hell out of those boots, the 70′s, they were a special time.” Do we approve of this look or not? Please raise your hand “yay” or “nay” and then lower them to your keyboard and click one of the boxes.

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    • Fabel

      I think those boots in particular look okay (assuming they’re flats?) It helps that they’re white, & not shiny black or, I don’t know, red.

    • Sam

      Boots are boots. Unless there are dildos attached to the heel, I don’t consider anything to be “fuck me boots.”

      • M.Brown

        Oh, god. I so want boots with dildos attached to the heel.

      • Sam

        $10 says Lady Gaga has ‘em by the end of the spring! :)

    • Cassie

      They’re not thigh-high — they don’t even come up to her knees. Considering that socks that length were pretty popular and not at all age inappropriate, I think the boots get a pass.

    • Derrick

      I don’t think that outfit is age inappropriate at all. I think she looks cute and stylish, for the era.

      The boots are not fuckmeboots, in part because they don’t have a trashy spiked heel.

    • Sarah

      I had white knee high go-go boots as a kid, but that’s because I believed I had been born in the wrong decade.

    • L

      I vividly remember the day I talked my mom into buying me a pair of black vinyl go-go boots and the first (and last) time I wore them to school. I was ten. I look back on that day with much regret.

    • macalny

      While the ’70s were a special time, I am failing to see the connection between that decade and a show set in the ’60s. Does an era that had yet to happen make this outfit cooler b/c it’s ahead of its time or worse b/c it’s too anachronistic?

    • K.

      I think it’s a cute look, and completely accurate. Sally is around the same age my mom was at that time, and she killed it in go-go boots.