• Tue, May 1 2012

Adrienne Bailon Aims For Title Of ‘Worst Swimsuit Of All Time’

A little while ago, we went out on a limb and declared Aubrey O’Day‘s fringed bikini the worst of its kind. Former Disney star Adrienne Bailon, she of the catastrophic wardrobe malfunction (that ended with exposed vagina), appears to be following O’Day’s path to minor stardom: have no discernable talent, a nebulous “singing” career and show up wherever paparazzi gather in the most absurd, hideous, unflattering get-up she can find. Sprinkle in some cosmetic procedures and you have a recipe for D-list success. This skirted monokini may take the cake.

Is Bailon the new O’Day? We’d like to think there’s room for both.

(Photo via HuffPo)

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  • Meghan Keane

    At first I thought it had pockets. And momentarily, my love of pockets overcame the terribleness. Until I remembered why bathing suits don’t have pockets.

  • Ana

    She looks like batman. This is absurd.

    • Ashley Cardiff

      I just imagined baby Batman with litte Bat floaties on his arms and Bat pool noodles.

  • Amy

    One of her boobs is bigger than the other so it doesn’t fit straight.

    I know this because I have a slightly larger righty and things always pull weird and don’t look completely centered. Yup, the only thing wrong with this suit is the fit. And the disturbing earrings.