The Red Carpet At The 2012 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner

Something something White House Correspondents’ Dinner but what matters is LINDSAY LOHAN WAS THERE. “Why?” should be your first question. Also, it was a night of many blondes: Charlize Theron, Kate Upton, Rachel Zoe, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Hudson… and Kim Kardashian in green velvet. Why was she there? Was is she anywhere? We don’t know anymore. Let’s look at dresses.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • Maggie

      Why were any of those people there?! I know a couple of them are actually politically active, but Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan? They probably can’t even spell correspondents.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        In all fairness, I cannot spell correspondents.

      • Lemona

        But do you feel like you carry Christmas in your heart all year long? Because then you don’t have to be able to spell. You just toss on that velvet and go!

    • Caroline

      “uck” was my favorite reaction

      I don’t know when green velvet became okay to wear again after all the children of the 90s grew up and it was no longer Christmas

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Right?! What the hell else does it communicate besides “90s Christmas children”?

    • Sam

      Maybe kim was getting tips for her run for mayor? In like, five years.

    • Anne

      “We want to like this but it’s just not right.” That was such an accurate description. I’m gonna steal that and be the cool girl in other forums now.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        This will certainly be the first time someone has paraphrased me for coolness!

      • Ashley Cardiff

        And I tried to like that dress. So hard. I looked it in many ways!

        Plus, I think Charlize is perfect-looking (in an almost eerie way) so it’s not exactly an uphill battle on the carpet.

    • Bean

      I’m sorry to body snark. I’m sorry to concern troll. I’m sorry to be an anonymous internet jerk doing anonymous internet jerk shit… but…

      Lohan looks ROUGH.

    • kjon

      Reese is my favorite look, no one else really did much for me. Actually, Elizabeth Banks looks really good in that dress, I’ll give her that.

      I like LL’s hair color better now. Hopefully she takes care of that shit.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yes! The strawberry blonde is an improvement on the harsh peroxide look.

    • Lindsay Cross

      FYI, Eva Longoria is actually working for the Obama re-election campaign and going back to school to get her Masters degree

    • Amy

      That’s weird, I really didn’t like any of those either. Except kind of Elizabeth Banks, but it looks like a two piece.

      Also, why does Ivanka Trump look brunette? I like my Ivanka Trumps to be blonde. Disappointing.