Regrets You Should (And Shouldn’t) Have On Your Deathbed

It’s Regrets Week, as you know. Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff have some feelings about the kinds of regrets you should have. Jennifer has no regrets, basically, because Ashley took them all. Also, The Last Unicorn, pie, nudie pics and other matters. Oh, and these jerks.

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    • MR

      I regret that Ashley didn’t jump at the chance to come down and smoke Marlboro cigarettes with me on 4th Ave – yes, in “Brooklyn”. I ended up having to hand most of them out to those who were interested. I had a work function in Manhattan today, but went there after to see the Marylanders grave again, it’s on 3rd Ave, two blocks north of the subway station. Jennifer reminded me of them when she said she was going to Annapolis.

      • MR

        I found something else on them, last night. They’re kind of like the ’300′. The 256 sacrificed themselves to save the United States.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I like the way you put quotes around “Brooklyn” as though it is a fictional place Ashley pretends she lives in before withdrawing to her Central Park South apartment.

        This is how I feel about that situation, too.

      • MR

        I’m glad you liked that Jennifer. I took that from one of your posting awhile back, cause I did find it amusing. You know Brooklyn was once a separate City in its own right. I could look for the vote when it, with what is now Queens and the Bronx, were folded into New York City. It was sometime at the turn of the last last century. I think 1898. It was pretty close, and the voters in the Queens and the Bronx decided it. On a side note though, I thought for sure Ashley’s nicotine sensor would go off when I lite up the first Marlboro down on 4th Ave. But let me guess, she’s a Virginia Slims woman…. :)

      • MR

        Geez that last entry was riddled with typos. Ashley, I looked at your tombstone drawing again, and your cigarette does have the length of a Virginia Slim. When I do smoke, I only smoke good strong tobbaco.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I will never forgive you for this Virginia Slims thing.

      • MR

        Hmm, to be ‘never forgiven’ is totally worth your wrath. :)

    • GentleMatt

      It is amazing how, when two of the greatest writers on the internet connect, something preciously odd but perfect can be created, week after week. Ladies, you truly do amaze me. Reading this, is the only thing I do not regret about today.

      Also, could Miss Cardiff please refrain from pronouncing my feelings. That is kind of creepy.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I am glad to know I’m not the only plagued by regret every waking minute. It’s a living, though, right?

        (And thank you, obviously)

    • G

      This is a pretty compelling TED talk on regret – my favourite part is when she really clearly defines how regret feels, hit the nail on the head – I feel like my regret is more manageable now that I have heard it defined (I too regret almost everything immediately after it happens).

    • Ali

      Ah! The Last Unicorn was my favorite movie as a child. I don’t know anyone else who’s heard of that movie.