Retro Snap: Remember This Regrettable 90′s Style Icon?

vanilla ice

I mean, look at him.

It’s Vanilla Ice. Remember his bizarrely shaved eyebrows? That was a thing. That was a thing that existed. Ice, ice, baby.

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    • Fabel

      Is it weird that, regrettable styling aside, I find his face kinda sexy in this picture?

      • BL

        Not at all. Vanilla Ice is sexy. He’s got his own show on HGTV!

      • Jennifer Wright

        Ugh, I know. I think I lead so strong on this because I find him uncomfortably attractive.

    • bevyj

      Stop, meditate and listen…. That song was on the first tape I ever owned – Rock 1990 (or something like that). I will always cherish him for that and his flat top a la Bart Simpson but I will never forgive his oddly shaved eyebrows. W O W.

    • Denise

      I knew a guy in university who in the 90′s shaved his eye brows like Mr Ice in the picture…. however, they never grew back in the shaved spots. so he has Vanilla Ice eyebrows forever!!