Wait, Have You SEEN The Mom Who Took Her 5 Year Old To A Tanning Salon?

It’s worse than you imagine.

tanning mom 5 year old

Her skin is the same color as her daughter’s hair. This is very clearly not her natural shade. I’m not saying it is a bad shade in itself (I am terrified of hipster racism), but making your skin this unnaturally tinted seems like it’s probably the mark of  someone who is maybe not in a great place. Because that much tanning is very clearly not good for you.

When I first heard about how this mother took her kid to the tanning salon, I thought “oh, maybe something went awry, the kid got into the tanning beds somehow?” I thought that largely because she looked reasonably normal in court photos (albeit like someone who would leave their kid in a waiting room at a tanning salon unattended). She looked like this, in case you were wondering:

I now realize how hard they must have had to work to make her look that normal.

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    • Sam

      Oh my. She looks crispy!

    • Kj

      For shame, Jennifer. Mocking an intentionally dark-skinned white person is the worst kind of hipster racism.

    • KMF

      Can we talk about the fact that in her mug shot she appears to be toothless as well??
      Stay classy New Jersey!

    • Eileen

      I’ve often thought that I don’t belong in my home state because I’m actually okay with the natural color of my skin and, though I love lying out in the sun on the beach, have no desire to be orange now and leather in my 40s…

    • Tsvnar Tolicjarki

      Looks like “ARI” played by Helena Bonham Carter in Planet of Apes (2001)

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Tanya

      Wow! she’s over tanned now!lol