Illustrated Guide: Your Life As Defined By Regret

Today’s Illustrated Guide breaks down the stages of a person’s life according to different kinds of regret. A regret index, if you will. I guess I meant for it to be funny but it kind of got away from me and became about mortality. :(

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    • Lindsay Cross

      I will never regret animal print pants!

    • JJ

      “Remember how homework was so challenging and time-consuming and got in the way of all your fun? …Turns out it’s a lot better than being a goddamn administrative assistant.”

      This. Just, everything about THIS.

      • Fabel

        DITTO :(

      • Sam


    • Lindsey

      I get sad when America doesn’t do as well as it should in the olympics. But then I remember that our athletes are people and not child-slaves. Hi China!

    • Magda

      Soooo… the teen regrets one made me think of something that I heard the other day that completely left me incredulous. Apparently its a thing for kids (teens I’m assuming, people of nonlegal drinking age) to drink hand-sanitizer….

      Can they not just steal expired wine coolers from their parents like everyone else? Do they not have a hook up at a liquor store in a sketch neighborhood? Or an older brother/neighbor/cousin without moral scruples to buy them booze? No?

      Has anyone else heard of this? Is this really a thing?