Things You Should Regret


Some people, like Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff, regret absolutely everything. We thought that we should help narrow it down to a few useful regrets. Here. These are things you should regret. Pretty much only these. Although you are free to suggest more, submit pictures of your expired dairy products.

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    • JJ

      Excuse you, Jennifer, but popcorn jellybeans are the BEST jellybeans.

      • Jennifer Wright

        No, I agree, they’re my favorite! People sometimes get indignant when you point out that they’re the best.

      • Kj

        They really are. Although juicy pear is the next best flavour.

    • Nancy

      Good advice! I’m trying to work on the not spending time with people you hate one, and shutting down idiots. Actually, shutting down idiots can help with getting rid of friends you hate, if they’re idiots. So I’m finding. I love where I am in life right now. Where I realize what a huge fucking waste of my life it is to be making ‘friend dates’ with people I don’t even like anymore. That said, it’s also kind of depressing to realize how many of my old friends I
      now think are awful.

    • Arnie

      Ah, that last one. I was sixteen and alone in London at midnight, but I still feel bad for not standing up for the guys behind the counter at KFC. (Another regret right there. KFC is not awesome food.)

    • Magda

      I think voluntarily spending time with people you hate is a good one. You should surround with people you love to be around, not people who constantly annoy you.

      And my best friend likes the butter popcorn flavored jellybellys…. and it almost made me regret befriending her… But I contented myself with telling her that I know considered her a disgusting human being and would now only mildly tolerate her for the selfish purposes of having a DD… I’m kidding… mostly.

      • M

        The most useful snack-sharing friends love the flavors you hate and vice versa. That way everything gets eaten and you don’t have to harbor bitter resentment over them eating the ones you love best and so rightly deserve.

    • Cait

      I went through a period in high school *wanting* to be a terrible, evil person. I had just seen Cruel Intentions followed by Jawbreakers (does anyone else remember this movie? It was terrible/awesome.)