Crowdsourcing: Do You Go To The Event That’s In Good Taste Or Trashy Fun?

We’re invited to two events on the same evening. By we I mean “me.” I am TheGloss. I am all of you. It’s like being the goddamn Queen of an intergalactic internet empire. So, let’s make the hardst decision of our life collectively. Two events enter, only one will leave with a positive RSVP.

Young Lions Fiction Award: The New York Public Library junior committee presents an award to their favorite fiction of the year

Reasons to go to this:

It’s a reflection of the best authors of the year.

Swamplandia was a good book and I want to sit in the corner and shout “GO KAREN RUSSELL! ROLL DEEP!”

(I can’t do that; I’d be thrown out. Like immediately. Though I like to think Salman Rushdie would come to love me the way he came to love Devorah Rose afterward.)

Ethan Hawke hosts and sometimes makes funny jokes!

It was, interestingly, featured on Gossip Girl this season in an episode where everyone opera claps and Blair has some kind of complete mental breakdown. I know that doesn’t narrow the episodes down, even a little bit.


Season Finale Party For Gossip Girl

I mean, I think this is kind of self explanatory, but if you need more reasons:

They’re doing make-up applications.

They have some manner of fruity cocktails.

And I think I will perhaps meet the four other people in the world who still watch Gossip Girl.


So–drunk yelling at Gossip Girl, or sober contemplation of the year’s best literature?

Fuck, crowdsourcing is great.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.


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    • Ashley Cardiff

      Gossip Girls has almost 70%. We will never steer you wrong.

    • Nancy

      Which one would you regret NOT attending, later?

      • Jennifer Wright

        BOTH. I mean, I do mostly drink like… only champagne and bourbon, though. So I maybe made the cocktails sound like a bigger draw than they are for me.

    • Elizabeth

      I came in here all ready to click trashy fun, because I feel like you do too much classy, tasteful stuff already. But the Gossip Girl thing sounds kind of lame in comparison. The cocktails always suck at those things, and the PR girls are always breathlessly excited about stuff, and you’ll probably already be wearing makeup anyway.

      • Ella Jane

        Yes. This lady has it right.

        Go to the Awards, talk to interesting people. Then either go out with them for cocktails afterwards or go get yourself shitfaced and make one of the counter chicks at Sephora slap some pancake on you like a cheap whore.

        You win either way!

      • Jennifer Wright


        I’m not being glib. I really do. Brilliant.

      • mm

        Hey, take it easy on the PR girls. We don’t LIKE being breathlessly excited about stuff, it’s just part of the job. You hope you’ll find a job somewhere you actually are breathlessly excited (Chanel, Louboutin, Vogue?) but until that day arrives everything is AWESOME AND CHECK OUT OUR NEW LINE, ISN’T IT CUTE?? You have to get there somehow.

    • Rebecca

      Hahah I love that it is now almost 50/50. And here you thought we were going to make a decision for you…..

    • Liz

      What makes life great is that both of these options exist.

    • Eagle Eye

      Well, since I am one of like 5 people who did not particularly take to Swamplandia! I would probably vote for Gossip Girl – but only if you’re pretty sure that something will go horribly and terribly wrong and will therefore be hilarious.

      i.e. a good potential post for later that I can laugh about at my desk.

    • Emily

      really, let’s be honest. if the GG party turns out to suck, you can just drunkenly mock everyone in attendance. if the writer’s party sucks, your images of people you actually might respect will be shattered.

      +1 GG party.

    • Nessy

      I don’t know. They’re both kind of great, right? But my ridiculous little town always veers towards the trashy (they just had Mario Lopez as the grand marshal of a parade, for goodness’ sake) I would say go to the NYPL, because class is a novelty.