• Mon, May 7 2012

Retro Snap: Do You Remember This Boy Band?


My friends and I had legitimate crushes on them when we were 11.

That seems really bizarre now, right? Hanson. Hanson. What happened to them? It must have been great to have been a kid in the 60′s and have had a huge crush on The Beatles, and later get to say that you had a Beatles poster over your bed. Forever.

Christ, old people.  Doing things better all the time.

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  • NotThumper

    LOVED them. I had 2.5 walls covered with pics and posters in my room. :) Which is funny because my mother’s bedroom looked similar but with Beatles pics. :)
    They still make music, stuff’s still good too. :)

  • Rachel

    I feel like because they all grew up to be normal, functioning adults (they all have tons of kids and are married now!) it almost legitimizes how crazy a teen-crush I had on them. Not like some of the other J-14 stars of my day who didn’t turn out so well-adjusted and desperate to keep their fame.

  • Katrina

    They were roaming around SXSW in 2011. Not sure exactly why but they were there.

  • topf

    They’re still around making music and it’s very good. I suggest you check it out!

  • Tania

    I loved them up until I started getting called “Hanson” in seventh grade. Kids are jerks.

    (I admit, though, the middle brother was pretty enough that it might have been a compliment about how nice my hair was?)