Gallery: The Best & Worst Met Gala Beauty

As we mentioned in our gigantic Met Gala gallery: the fashion was bad but the beauty fared worse. See unflattering hair and severe makeup on Jessica Biel, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lana Del Rey, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, then cleanse your palate with pretty faces from Diane Kruger, Cate BlanchettMarion Cotillard and more.

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    • G

      I don’t understand what was wrong with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Please explain. She looks nice to me? Maybe my eye is just terrible and untrained.

    • Lindsey

      Jessica Stam having blue eyeshadow is tacky but Chanel Iman’s is perfect? There’s nothing wrong with any color make-up. Blue is considered tacky… for some reason?

      You think all blue make up is:
      I immediately think:

      I think Stam’s eyeshadow is gorgeous. The eyebrows are off, it’s true. And yes, light brown eyeshadow would be more flattering to her killer eyes… but that would be boring.

      Also, Chloe Sevigny??? Super harsh black mascara, washed out orange skin? Spider LOWER LASHES? How is does she have the best beauty?

    • Lindsey

      My last comment didn’t show up…

      Jessica Stam: the eyebrows ARE off but the makeup is great. Blue isn’t cruise control for the 80′s… Chanel is on the ‘best’ and she’s wearing blue.

      Chloe Sevigny: horrible, washed out orange, harsh black eyes, spider lashes. Awful. I think fashion people love her because she looks like a stroke victim?

      • Lindsey

        Note, Chanel’s makeup IS awesome, and I guess maybe it’s more teal? But nevertheless. Blooooooooooooo

    • Kathleen the Great

      If Rosie is cheese, she’s a variety I like.

      And a darn sight better than Chloe Sevigny.

      And why is Tom Ford himself not part of the “best” list? He is always beautiful.

    • Margaux

      Kate Upton just looks so..sad.