Gallery: The 15 Worst Dressed At The 2012 Met Gala

As we mentioned, the 2012 Met Gala was last night. Go sift through our mammoth slideshow and decide on your picks for best and worst. To kick things off, here’s our top (bottom?) fifteen: the worst dressed of the night. Featuring Beyoncé, Kristen Stewart, Lana Del Rey, Jessica Biel and more.

(All photos via Getty)

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    • bean


    • kit

      Totally with you on the Beyonce hate.

      Weirdly, though, I can’t help but shake the feeling that someone like Rooney Mara could have pulled it off.

      …And just the thought makes me feel like I’m bodysnarking.

    • caroline

      The more I look at Kristen’s dress, the more I love it (Kristen, not Kirsten – that is just…)
      Anyway, she gets my vote for best dressed on the worst dressed list.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        The dress is definitely not my least favorite… but what about those bandage spats on her feet?

      • caroline

        Yes, the bandage shoes are a huge miss – any place, with any outfit, they are a disaster

    • Holden

      is beyonce melting…?

    • Ellen W.

      FlorenceWelsh’s dress is awful, but it looks like it would be fun to wear.

    • caroline

      ok, these are all legitimately stink

    • anya

      toatally agree with all of them except florence, which i kinda loved. maybe id have a different opinion if it were shot from the front

      • Ashley Cardiff

        No one said Florence wasn’t having fun! Maybe the most fun.

    • Sam

      I actually LOVE Kirsten Dunst’s outfit! It feels very “Chinatown.” And I kinda like Janelle Monae’s pantsuit except for the boxiness of the legs.

      However, my god…Kirsten Stewart looks like she’s trying to impress an art history teacher, Alexa Chung looks like she’s trying to impress a Puritan, and Florence Welch, as per usual, looks like she’s trying to impress a cupcake.

      And Lana Del Rey looks ridiculous. Lana Del Rey always looks ridiculous. I can see Evan Rachel Wood maybe pulling that dress/lipstick off, though.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I’m impressed by just how dramatically saying “Chinatown” recontextualizes Dunst’s look. Well done.

    • Nicole O.

      I disagree with January Jones & Beyonce. I think they both looked amazing.

      Worst dressed for me was definitely Florence Welch.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I really think Eva Mendes should’ve been on here. I don’t think any of these were good, but her’s was so horrible. It didn’t fit at all and it looked like it was made with the largest Bedazzler of all time.