Mick Jagger Gives Gwyneth Paltrow Major ‘Do Not Want’ Face At The Met Gala


I don’t know the context for this photo, nor do I really want to know. All I know is that Mick Jagger is making a colossal effort to touch as little of Gwyneth Paltrow‘s person as humanly possible, and I find that humorous. It looks like his girlfriend, model/designer L’Wren Scott, finds it humorous as well. So basically, I’m right.

Under what circumstances do you think this went down? I’m thinking Gwynnie went up to Jagger, sideboob blazing, and said, “Hello, Mick. It’s so grand to see you. Have you ever considered collaborating with my hubby, Chris Martin? He’s from England and plays rock music too, you know.”At which point Jagger contorted his face to suppress the rude guffaw about to emit from his giant mouth.

Or perhaps Gwyneth let out a mighty burp just then, and he didn’t like the way her garlic-açaí smoothie had made her breath smell. Or, on a related note, perhaps he likes to read blog posts making fun of GOOP in his spare time? (A girl can dream!) Only L’Wren knows for sure.

(Via World Of Wonder)

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    • Liz

      Looks to me like ol’ Mick is gripping GP’s right elbow and is whispering something he thinks is funny into the ear of the very much younger and famous blonde.