Can You Guess The Bizarre New Face Of Chanel No. 5?

In our opinion, this is how you do a press release: to the point. Yup, up there is hot off the presumably tweed presses at Chanel, where the venerable house has just announced Brad Pitt as the unexpected new face of their iconic fragrance, Chanel no.5.

There is the small matter of the Moneyball star being a man, but the house has a long history of masculine influence on lady stuff (for a recent example). Thoughts?

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    • Maria

      I just don’t think that stuff smells nice. Maybe they found it’s better on guys? Maybe Brad Pitt’s natural, manly smell improves it so much he’s the ONLY right choice for these ads? I don’t know because I have never smelled Brad Pitt.

      • Sarah!

        Brad Pitt and I attended the same college. His smell lingers through the campus and it is intoxicating.