One Of The Human Barbies Speaks, Defends Life Decisions

Sarah Burge, a 51-year-old mom from the UK, made the news earlier this year after deeming herself a “human Barbie” (join the club, lady) and allegedly giving her eight-year-old daughter pole dancing lessons and vouchers for future plastic surgery.

But unlike a real Barbie, Burge decided to break her silence (real Barbies don’t actually have that option, since they’re dolls) — she went on “The Today Show” this morning to talk to Ann Curry about how the media has misrepresented her and her intentions. Burge says that she started getting plastic surgery after being disfigured by a violent partner, and that she now works to help other people suffering similar fates get the same kind of care.

“I actually help thousands of people every year with the correct path to plastic surgery through accident, disease and disfigurement,” Burge said. “I have emails from people who are desperately saddened by gunshot wounds from their children and everything, and I help these people…I’m shocked that the media want to portray me in such a negative light.”

Burge brushes off suggestions that she let her daughter pole dance, and dismisses the accusations about those vouchers, even despite this pesky evidence:

It’s a curious interview. Enjoy.

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    • Somnilee

      There’s nothing inherently wrong about children doing pole, it’s a very worthwhile and strenuous activity that improves muscle tone, co-ordination and flexibility. My own instructor takes her 11 year old to pole fitness classes, as opposed to adult sexy sexy classes, for a start, and even the classes I attend are infinitely more about learning how to do spins, and climbs, and holds than any sexually suggestive rubbish. I go because it makes me feel good about myself and my strength.

      That said, that poor child looks dead behind the eyes.

    • lheo ann

      she looks like an idiot.. ..