Kate Middleton Gets Her Legs Out

Kate Middleton, that girl who married a prince, has been widely credited with the return of the stocking. Despite the fact that stockings suck and they had been largely phased out of the average woman’s wardrobe unless you work in finance or some other such soul-crushing, leg-hiding, freedom-destroying profession, Middleton felt it proper to cover her gams up every time she went out.

It was a decision that reflected a personality trait which, frankly, is probably part of the reason she got the role of queen-to-be.

But that’s all changing now that Middleton has her talons (talons which we love, and whose every move we follow) securely into the royal family. Last night, she and Prince William hit up an event at Claridge’s Hotel, and the Duchess wore a Roland Mouret gown paired with Jimmy Choo shoes — and naked stems.

Naked as the day she was born.

It wasn’t quite an Angelina, and it definitely wasn’t an Anja, but I’d like to think that it’s the beginning of the end of Kate auditioning for her new role as royalty, and the launch of her making more edgy fashion choices. It’s like she can finally be all, “I’m a Duchess now, bitches!!!! Check out these legggggggs. What are you gonna do about it?!?!”

Who’s with me?

Photos by Wire Image via HuffPo

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    • Hannah

      What? I wear tights/stockings all the time. When were they ever unfashionable?

      • Amita

        Not tights — we’re talking about flesh-colored pantyhose, here. Middleton brought THOSE back. Kind of like how on Mad Men, Peggy’s legs are always two shades darker than the rest of her.

    • L

      I wear those every time I go out, they make my legs look amazing. Plus most people can’t even tell you’re wearing them.

    • Nancy

      Pantyhose are awesome! They make your legs look great, and make some heels a lot more comfy to wear

    • Jenny

      Thumbs up for stockings; I also think they make legs look especially good, but now that warmer weather is here, any occasion to go bare is great!
      I’d really like to point out Kate’s red toes here! Just a little bit of snazz that I’ve been hoping to see on her. Demure fingers and glamorous toes. Nice.

    • Ally

      It would just be silly to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes.