Which Famous People Are Secretly Aliens?

Editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff received a very strange press release this week. It began, “Rumor is spreading that Arianna Huffington might be an extra-terrestrial living beneath the guise of a renowned public figure and media empress.” HA HA!, they said. HA HA!

But… what if?

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    • JJ

      Tommy Lee is totally an alien – playing an alien-fighting agent in the MIB movies, it’s just like, sooooo meta.

    • superjack

      Britney Spears is human, all too human.

    • Jess

      TOM CRUISE! Clearly. Obvious but clearly true.

    • Raina

      Eric Roberts?

      • Ashley Cardiff

        No, too flawed.

    • Penny

      Most models are aliens, I think. Karlie Kloss looks like an alien. Frida Gustavsson, too. Hanne Gaby looks like an alien from a really cool planet where people wear boxers as shorts.

    • Kate

      That thumbnail of Tilda is pretty startling, you guys.

    • Jamie Peck

      David Icke really believes a lot of powerful people are secretly reptilian creatures from space. They almost didn’t let him into Germany because they thought it was a metaphor for Jews!