H&M Is In Trouble For Its New, Extremely Tan Swimwear Campaign

Here’s H&M‘s latest swimwear campaign, starring supermodel Isabeli Fontana. Now look closely. Does Fontana remind you of anyone?

Someone you’ve seen recently, perhaps? Take another look:

Tan Mom. You’re thinking of Tan Mom.

Anyway, some people with degrees in medicine are saying that the images promote extreme tanning (not saying “tanorexia,” because that shit’s obnoxious). Fontana’s skin is so intensely bronzed that it distracts from the bright pink and yellow (Prada-inspired?) bananas on her swimsuit.

Even Victoria’s Secret–a brand known for promoting the whole buxom, tan look–didn’t go as far when she appeared in one of their swimsuit ads:

H&M is obviously going for a hyper-stylized campaign, but we always kind of cringe when we see a huge commercial company promoting/glamorizing something so extreme. Is this a dangerous message to send? Or is it: whatever, Fontana’s Brazilian and capable of a deeper tan than a lot of people/she’s obviously shellacked head-to-toe in bronzer.

(via the Daily Mail, who emphatically do not have degrees in medicine)

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    • Abby

      She looks an entirely different race to usual!

    • Maggie

      I wonder if she’s actually that tanned, or if they photoshopped it to look that way?

    • Lindsey

      Why don’t they just hire a non-white model?

      • Fatima

        Because they’re racist.

    • JJ

      She looks about five shades darker than me, and I am Indian.

    • Somnilee

      I noticed these ads the other day and thought “That’s got to be photoshop, or some kind of industrial tan paint”. I guess it’s a stylized look they’re going for, but it distracts from the (already pretty loud) swimwear.

    • Kelly

      I noticed this ad in the front cover of Seventeen, and spent so much time trying to figure out if the model was black or white, that I didn’t even notice the hideous swim suit for about 10 minutes.

    • Brenda

      Maybe she slathered on lots of tanning lotions or used a spray tanning machine likespray tanning at home to get the look. There’s always the possibility that it’s just fake tan. But it really does look funny on her. If the company had wanted that dark tan, they could have looked for a model that has that exact coloring. I think it would have achieved more positive vibes for the swimwear.

    • G

      I think it’s quite interesting how much skinnier she looks in the Victoria’s Secret photos. H&M should be praised for promoting a fake tan look AND leaving her with a slightly less photoshopped belly.