Has Online Dating Worked For You?

online dating cycle

By “Has online dating worked for you?” I mostly mean, “Have your experiences been closer to Jen Dziura’s, or the ones detailed in this chart?” Please say Jen’s.

I mean, as Jen already pointed out, I’m sure online dating is not all unicorns and perfect boyfriends forever for everyone, but it’s not all some Bridget Jones style cycle of regret and disappointment, right? That sounds like a horrible cycle. But, then, sometimes the familiarity of disappointment and regret keep you coming back for more? If that’s your jam? I DO NOT KNOW, TELL ME HOW LIFE WORKS.

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    • Melissa

      I’m marrying the man I met on eharmony 4 years ago in 3 months so I guess it has worked out pretty swell? :)

    • E. K.W.

      That’s exactly what my “cycle” has been like…lol.

    • Sam

      After ignoring lots of creepy OKcupid messages, I met a girl I really liked on there last year. We went out a bunch of times and talked a lot, hooked up, and she met my friends. Things tapered off and we stopped talking.

      Then I found out she banged my ex-boyfriend right after I introduced the two of them. Sigh.

      • Sam

        So basically: holy shit your cycle chart is dead-on for me, almost always.

    • zanbrody

      Yes, I met my husband on match.com. That was my one and only dating site experience. I was on there for two days until I met him and deleted my profile.

      I didn’t add my picture until I’d found someone I liked, so there was a very small window to receive the creepy “Yer hot letz hang out” messages.

      So…pretty much the best experience you could possibly have. Strange luck.

      • Melissa

        That is almost exactly what happened to me! I went on eharmony for a free weekend they had, never tried online dating before or was very interested in it. The first match that popped up was the man I am marrying in 3 months. I met him in person later that week and that was the end of that. Very strange luck indeed.

    • Kristina

      I’d say when it’s awesome, it’s AWESOME, and when it’s awful, well… you still get great stories out of it. Like the guy who started a convo by informing me he was hung like a horse. THANK YOU FOR SHARING, GOOD SIR.

      You also get the beautiful feeling of being better than the assholes that clearly don’t grasp basic grammar/spelling rules but still feel the need to insult you. (“u r hawt” “You just took shortcuts with two words and lengthened another while still spelling it wrong. U R SMRT.”)

      That being said, after many times around the above chart, I took a detour (which I think deserves to be added to the chart) to Happy Coupled-Up Land. Here’s hoping I get to stay out of that heinous loop for a while. :)

    • Ewa

      It was exactly like that, and then I met my husband. Online.

    • Lila

      I did the OKCupid dating thing when I worked in an office that was pretty much only women and gay men. You HAVE to have a sense of humor about the whole thing – best case scenerio, you meet some cute guys and have fun, worst case, you get bad date stories for later. I’ll have been with the guy I met there for 3 years next month.

    • Alle C

      Honestly, my experiences with online dating have all been pretty heinous but became HILARIOUS after enough time had passed. I’ve never met a “serious boyfriend” on a dating website, but–and this is weird and embarrassing–I have on twitter.

    • Alicia

      I’m marrying a dude I met on POF.

      • Grace

        I’m pretty confident i’ll be with my boyfriend for the rest of my life & we met on POF too ; started with a sex date .. a year later we’re moving in together & getting a dog!

    • Krista

      I thought the phrasing of the poll was exceptionally humorous this time, thought the author would like to know that it portrayed what I felt exactly while still in a funny light.

      But, I’ve never tried internet dating, so I didn’t feel qualified to vote at all.

    • Leila

      That’s the cycle, yup. Except when it isn’t. Dating online is like dating anywhere else, it’s awful/funny/odd until it isn’t.

      Keep a good sense of humor and that date where your would-be beau from OkC almost gets you arrested through sheer stupidity with kayaks turns into a great story to tell the guy who broke the cycle…who is now by leaps and bounds my longest relationship and the most awesome thing ever.

    • Trista

      I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid. I also met my most recent ex there. I think I made the right decision this time. I’m much MUCH happier in this relationship than I ever was in any of my past ones.

    • LoveyDovey

      Been married 2.5 years to the man I met on a niche dating site, with two kids. Worked out pretty damn well for me!

    • Stella

      I met my husband almost 8 years ago playing pool on yahoo. I don’t know if that really counts as online dating since neither of us was actively looking for a partner, we just wanted to play virtual pool and got to talking one night. We moved in together later that year and got married last fall.

    • Gen

      I met my fiance on OK Cupid 4 years ago!

    • Amy

      My aunt sent me a ‘friend suggestion’ on Facebook, it was her bff’s son.

      We’ve been together for a year and a half now. Does that count?