What Your Favorite TV Mom Says About You

morticia gomez

Happy almost Mother’s Day, college-aged and childless 20-something demographic! We have found some mothers from television for you to identify with, without actually going out and having children. Unless you are into that!

No, seriously, use condoms.

And doubtless a lot of moms have been forgotten. You can let me know your favorites in the comments, and I will make totally accurate assumptions about you. Remember: When you assume, you make an “A’s” out of “sume!” (That’s how people with problems speaking pronounce “some.”)

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    • Maggie

      I totally forgot about Endora! Love her.

    • Jamafanta

      My favourite’s Lorelei Gilmore. Although not the “getting pregnant at 16″ part.

    • Kate

      Where’s Lorelai Gilmore?! Yes she had a baby at sixteen, but she struggled on her own to make a living, eventually opened her own business, was always there for Rory and best of all, she never sacrificed her identity or beliefs.

      • Jennifer Wright

        You are not afraid to speak up for what you know is right, and your have the drive and ambition to overcome incredibly difficult situations!

        I have never seen Gilmore Girls.

    • JJ

      Just think – next year, you will be able to add Snooki to this list!

    • yiraf

      Where is Miss Robinson!!

      • yiraf

        Oh. TV. Sorry. I just love Anne fucking Bancroft. rip.

    • Claire

      Lucille Bluth! Where is she?!?

      • Cate

        Here here! Any list of television mothers is incomplete without Lucille Bluth.

        I am going to have to assume that probably our love of the Bluth matriarch means that we are selfish, snarky, and drunk, and that we generally love the finer things in life, often to the detriment of others around us, but I’m actually pretty okay with that assessment.

    • Chloe Walker

      Roseanne Connor forever.

    • Lily

      Bree Van De Kamp, Lynette Scavo, Susan Myers, and Gabrielle Solish. Oh and Lucy from I love Lucy! Haha

    • MR

      You know in that picture you posted, I think you look a lot like Morticia? And you know what I think of Morticia. :) We just got thru Tulip Fest up here, and it was totally rocking. Or maybe it was that case of Real Hockey Labatt Blue my girlfriend brought down with her? We walked back and tanked up at my place in between the festival’s live alternative rock sets.


    • woo

      Joy from My Name is Earl: You drive a car made out of bits of other cars and your fingernails are scary as shit. And then something about being headstrong or something.