How Do You Feel About Katy Perry’s Goth Look?

On Thursday night, Katy Perry showed up at the National Association of Recording Merchandisers awards looking mighty goth. The singer wore a black bandage dress with sheer cutouts, dark makeup, and purple hair. It’s like our very own high school experience all over again!

So what do you think? At this point, whatever Perry does doesn’t seem like so much of a personal expression as it does playing dress-up, so I’m unmoved. I think she looks cute, per usual, but I don’t think she’s actually goth. Probably because she’s not.

How about you?

Photo via Just Jared

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    • Lindsey

      It’s too much. If she had gone with her bright blue hair- maybe. Also, the harshest makeup. At least her eyebrows are a tiny bit softer than normal?

    • Nicole O.

      Love her hair & lip color. The dress is too long tho. I think the sheer paneling at the bottom wasn’t needed.

    • Ewa

      The same dress on anyone else and it would be a “meh” – maybe she pulls it of because of her doll-like features. Dislike the roots showing, though.

      • Ewa

        Off, of course. Off.

    • Sam

      To me, nothing she does looks effortless.

    • pluto

      It could be worse. At least she does goth tastefully. She could be a crow-wannabe goth…

    • jen

      Trying. So. Hard.

    • lucygoosey74

      Oh Katie, I’ve never “approved” of anything you’ve ever worn, but that’s ok, you’re eccentric, I get it. Have fun with it while you can.

    • Alexis H

      I kind of dig it. The only thing that’s not working for me is that it’s sort of out of character for her since she’s so cheerful looking most of the time. She did go through a divorce recently, so maybe she’s feeling legitimately angsty? If so, this look gets a pass. If it’s just to make a weird statement then no.