Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart’s Sheer, Leg Baring Dresses: How Do You Feel?

It’s happening, you guys. That “sheer dress over hot pants” trend that’s been on the rise for quite some time is catching on more and more with celebrities, and I still can’t decide if I like it.

Its most recent iteration came at this morning’s Snow White and the Huntsman premiere, at which the movie’s stars Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart wore an obviously-coordinated pair of sheer, black, leg-baring, panty(?)-baring dresses. While I think it’s cute that they are good enough friends to play “twinsies,” I’m not sure how I feel about the look. Do you like their outfits? Hate them? Or maybe you like one and hate the other? Here are some things to consider.

-Charlize Theron’s black panties (or whatever panty-like garment she’s wearing) appear to be showing, but Charlize Theron doesn’t care.

-Charlize Theron is wearing a magical bra that hides her nipples while completely disappearing under her sheer dress.

-Charlize Theron plays the evil Queen Ravenna, so it’s fitting that her dress looks like black wisps of smoke wrapping around her.

-Charlize Theron looks good in everything. Did I just talk myself into liking it?

-Are Kristen Stewart’s undies showing? Part of me thinks no, and part of me thinks yes, and also that her torso is much longer than usual. This is a dress of lies.

-The “lace covering bare skin” illusion her dress creates does not correspond in any way to the actual curves of her body, making it look like she has none.

-If you squint hard enough, the lace patterns look like a scary clown face grinning out at you. I hope for her sake that K-Stew didn’t get stoned and look at herself in the mirror.

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    • Rebekah Mae

      it looks like ruffles are pouring out of Kristen Stewart’s vagina.

    • Amy

      It also looks like she has some weird condition where her underarm hair has spread out to cover her breasts, most of her ribs and the undersides of her entire arms.

      • Jamie Peck


    • Maggie

      Charlize Theron really does look amazing in anything

    • Emily

      Charlize: love. Kristen: fug, fug, fug.

    • Sarah!

      The dress gives her weird proportions, and a major case of droopy drawers. Hike up your panties, Kristen!

    • AitchCS

      The deal is KStew is no fashionista—hardly a crime. But I think her stylist needs to be fired.