Here’s How People Really Dressed In The 1980s

Once upon a time, it was the 1980s. You may know this from firsthand experience, or you may have gathered it from items of clothing sold at American Apparel. If you fall into the former category, you’ll know that the latter category is comprised mostly of repurposed nostalgia — the clothing therein is meant to flatter the figures of young people in the new millennium, whereas actual 1908s garb was intended to flatter only people with no shoulders and with waists that were directly — directly — below their breasts.

To make this point a little more clearly, here’s an awesome photo:

There it is.

Buzzfeed via In the Belly of a [sic] Elephant



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    • Claire

      Yeeeep. That could be a picture of my sorority circa 2007. In fact for a second I thought I had absentmindedly flipped over to my facebook tab and was looking one.

    • Marie

      Geez… I’m tired of the “kids these days” stuff. No college student actually believes that’s how people dressed in the 80′s. Dressing in zany outfits is just a billion times more fun than gunning for historical accuracy.

    • porkchop

      I dressed like picture B in the 80′s. I had this outfit that was turquoise pants, a red sweater, and polka dot turquoise belt over the sweater.

      My friend used to wear a hot pink net bow in her hair that had glitter on it.

    • Ellen W.

      Say No to Neon! It’s never a good look. Never.

    • saywhUT!

      I think that IS a picture of my sorority no joke. i actually think i might be in that picture. Tacky 80s Party! NU DG! hahah holy shit random.

    • Kathleen the Great

      See the girl near the front with black top and lace gloves, neon pink skirt? A sort of Madonna look? Make the skirt a dark color and add black granny boots so it looks a little more gothy, and that is EXACTLY what I dressed like in the 80′s.
      But I had bobbed hair, which was like anti-80′s hair!

    • I Lived In the 80s

      Tube mini skirts and nude colored pantyhose, teased big hair

      Nagel, Keith Haring and David Hockney posters on everyone’s living room wall.