Snooki Gives Up Tanning For Baby, Is Kind Of Pale Now!

Snooki tweeted the above photo of herself this weekend and, if you can make it past the intense duck face, you’ll see that she’s a lot less tan than usual. Almost pale, even! She explained what was going on via hashtag, “Whoa look at this non tan. #pregnantproblems” Yup, Snooki has given up tanning to protect her little womb Cheeto.

Thank Ed Hardy that fake eyelashes are safe for expectant mothers!


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    • Fabel

      She looks pretty this way! Maybe she’ll realize.

      • Fabel

        And by “maybe she’ll realize”, I mean… maybe she’ll realize that over-tanning is terrible habit.

    • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

      “womb cheeto” ftw

    • Amy

      Wow! She looks soooo much better. Too much fake tan is so trashy and cheap.

    • MichelleUbaldo

      I think she looks BETTER!!!

    • L

      she looks great! good for her.