Guess What Camelflage Pants Help Conceal?

Ladies, have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at the gym only to realize that your vagina is split down the middle by your pants to reveal an unseemly cameltoe?

Of course you have. We all have. But as of now, we need suffer no more, because a woman named Shannon — who calls herself a “cameltoe advocate,” by which I think she means anti-cameltoe advocate — has designed and patented the one and only CAMELFLAGE PANTY.

The Camelflage panty is exactly what it sounds like, but I really couldn’t do a better job describing it that Shannon does on her website, so here you go:

Cute tight little yoga pants, front row, right by the big mirrors for the whole class to check out my yoga poses, and something else…the dreaded…”cameltoe.” That’s where the idea for Camelflage was conceived…I designed a patent pending women’s panty that has a built in flexible, breathable, insert to smooth out her “Labia Majora” AKA “cameltoe.” Covering the insert is a Sportek wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from your body and keeps you dry.

On the one hand, I love that she actually says “labia majora,” because who ever calls the various parts of a woman’s vagina by their correct terms in such specific detail? At the same time, I don’t think it needs to be capitalized, and I also don’t think it needs to be in quotations, because it actually is the labia majora.

Anyway, this is really a delight. I hope things work out for Shannon, and also I hope that a lot of women are spared the utter humiliation of an errant ‘toe thanks to this fancy new design.

[via The Daily What]

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    • Sunshine

      Maybe they should have been called “camelflange”. Double the pun!

    • L

      this has actually NEVER happened to me. i’m very conscious of how my twat looks in spandex…if you have camel toe, you have outgrown your spandex.

    • Anatomically Correct

      “…because who ever calls the various parts of a woman’s vagina by their correct terms in such specific detail?”

      I would guess people who are interested in calling things by their correct names, particularly important parts of their own body…

      On the other hand, this is an awesome idea; I am completely guilty of the post-yoga cameltoe. I’m not sure an “insert” would be too comfortable though…

    • a dude

      As a dude I see no problem with women coming down with a little cameltosis every now and again. I’d probably be a little self conscious of you could see my dong through short I wear, if it were bigger I’d probably get in trouble for trying to show it off though.

      In either case that lady can make a lot of money if she can get her invention licensed to sportware companies before they can develop their own.

    • Kathleen the Great

      She calls it the labia majora because that’s what it is! They are NOT part of the vagina! The labia are external parts of the female genitalia, the vagina is strictly internal unless something is seriously wrong with your health, like maybe uterine prolapse!
      If your VAGINA is split by your pants, you should be in the hospital.
      It’s nice that women aren’t ashamed to say “vagina” but it would be far nicer to learn what is and isn’t the actual vag.

    • CoveredWagonGuy

      I’m fine with the idea of this product, but patent pending? Really? That doesn’t deserve to be patented on the grounds of prior art.

      For years there have been undergarments on the market with a chamois insert at the crotch. Granted, I’ve only seen this in the form of shorts, and they were marketed with the aim of avoiding chafing, but that insert did a pretty good job disguising what was underneath it.

    • Jenna

      Just wear looser pants…