Jessica Biel Owns The Row’s $4,000 Backpack

This is a fashion site, and we cover fashion, and fashion is frivolous, and often priced seemingly by a roulette wheel with dollar signs on it (we’re onto you, Balmain), and it all feels very gross sometimes. But we can’t get too caught up in that because “affordable” is different for everyone, and “affordable fashion” is its own morass of social problems. And the reality is some people can drop $2000 on a dress and some people can’t, but we’re still a fashion site and we still have to blog about fashion, but we try to strike a balance, we really do.

…THAT BEING SAID, there’s never going to be a time when spending $35,000 on a fucking backpack won’t be horrible, as is the pricetag on this one by The Row. Additionally, that backpack represents at most $200-300 worth of materials/labor, so that means The Row thinks their label is worth approximately $34,800.

Of course Jessica Biel probably didn’t spend $35,000 on a fucking backpack, because one of the great ironies of celebrity is the people who can afford the fancy designer shit… don’t have to.

Or at least, that’s what we’ve deduced from the accompanying tweet:

Thanks, Ashley!

(Damn you, Huff Po! Still our fault, though. Biel’s version probably only costs a cool $4000, not the horrifyingly expensive–and even more offensive–$39,000 for crocodile skin. Headline has been amended, etc.)

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    • Maggie

      Glad you pointed out she didnt actually pay that for it, some people are seriously blind to this despite that she is actually thanking ashley & tweeting that she loves this product, so many people dont understand that celebrities dont do this unless they are promoting something so its super annoying when people think they should tweet the products they like for no reason

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Thank you. I saw some headlines that were like, “Jessica Biel Paid $35k For A Backpack!” which isn’t fair.

        She’s in a weird position because she’s presumably getting a freebie, presumably from a friend, who gave it to her presumably for placement like this.

    • Nicole
      • Ashley Cardiff


    • lyle


    • Alessia

      Sweet moses the first sentence is stupid long.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I almost lost my breath!