Kristen Stewart Confirms Relationship With Robert Pattinson, Avoids “Kristen Stewart Face” In Elle

By now, you’re abundantly familiar with Kristen Stewart Face: lips parted just slightly and what we liked to call a look of “blank concern” in her eyes (here’s a recent example, here’s another). For the cover of Elle‘s June issue, however, she avoided it… by smiling just slightly. She wears it well!

We hear that, in the accompanying interview, she refers to herself as “boring” and “perfect,” but we imagine that’s taken pretty far out of context. We’ll see.

UPDATE: Oh, and this…

During the interview, she picks up a copy of Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant and says: “Oh my God, my f-ing boyfriend just did this movie. The French, they’re up in arms that he did it.” Finally, her relationship with Irish actor Colm Meaney: Confirmed!

Bel Ami also stars Robert Pattinson.


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    • Marissa

      It’s unfortunate that the girl boring enough to play Bella (i.e., empty shell) continues her reign as a magazine cover girl. I don’t understand her appeal at all. I can’t even muster up hatred for her–just astonishment that she can attract readers.

      • Kylie


      • Maggie2

        Ditto! Sure she’s pretty, but in every picture she looks pissed off or constipated. Or both. And she’s really not a great actor, so I do not see the appeal.

      • Amy

        I always think of her expression as ‘vacant’. And then I realise that seems to fit with her public persona as well, so maybe she’s just working her brand?

      • Layla

        I find her pretty interesting – especially considering that every young female actress these days is exactly the same. And she attracted you to this article didn’t she? Moron.

    • Maggie

      her mouth is the same as ever though. cant imagine how anyone could see her on the cover of something and think ‘oh, i need this’

      • marie

        Dear god. Do you really spend all your time focused on whether someone’s mouth is open or not? Does a picture bother you that much? She’ll keep her mouth open if she wants to keep her mouth open. Relax.