Here Are The Upsetting Tom Cruise W Photos You Never Wanted

Earlier this month, we showed you the above image of Tom Cruise accompanied by the following statement:

Tom Cruise was once a very desirable sex symbol to a lot of people–before his eyes got that crazy look and we realized he’d been standing on a phonebook the entire time. Now he’s shirtless with belly tattoos on the cover of W–flanked by two unidentified models (we’re guessing Edita Vilkeviciute and Abbey Lee). Cruise has the fake ink in order to promote his upcoming movie Rock of Ages, a musical about Bon Jovi and belly tattoos and not eating carbs. Probably.

Today, we bring you knowledge (Edita and Abbey it is, Mario Sorrenti photographed ) and the full spread: Apparently it’s way, way more gross/off-putting/upsetting than even the cover implies!

We took out two photos because they feature flashes of nipple, but you can go see them at W.

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    • Fabel

      Seriously so unsettling. WTF.

    • yiraf

      gross. seriously tho. funny shot w my friend jack! come on he won’t hurt you tom relax that pinky finger

    • Kristine

      The only thing upsetting is this bankrupt and desperate website.

      • lyle

        COOL. STORY. BRO.

      • kit

        Actually, Tom Cruise fangirls are the most upsetting of all.

      • Alexis H

        If you hate the site so much why are you here bothering to comment about it?

    • Jo

      Wtf? This is weird.

    • Amy

      I’m assuming he’s in character for his new movie? Isn’t it the movie version of the broadway show about an 80s rock star?

    • Alexis H

      Do not want. Pretty sure no one else would either, so why is W doing this to the world?

    • Anne

      Do people not get that he’s joking? This is obviously a photo-shoot done in character. I hate Tom Cruise in all his “heroic” roles, but he’s actually quite a decent actor when he isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself. I am very much hoping this rock opera thing is going to be hilarious.

      • superjack

        No one is under the impression this is real.

        That doesn’t mean it’s not gross and weird.

    • Anne Meyer

      What are they doing to Tom? What are they doing to the world?