Gallery: Jennifer Lopez Wears Swimsuits, Shows She’s Still Got It In Vogue

In the June issue of Vogue, pop star/actress/American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez can be seen wearing various designer bathing suits and demonstrating that she still has “it” despite the fact that at 42, she’s well over the age at which most Hollywood starlets are taken behind the woodshed and shot. But what does “it” even mean? Here, I will venture to guess what “it” is that J-Lo has in each of her swimsuit photos. Besides a gravity-defying ass and aristocratic bone structure, I mean.

(Via Vogue)

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    • Patty

      I was under the impression that Ms. Jennifer was a judge on IDOL not THE VOICE. Am I wrong, or did the author of this article not have their facts straight?

      • Brianna

        Good thing you’re here to fact check and make use of caps lock.

    • Kj

      Wow, that really is an impressive sternum.

      Also, I actually kinda like that Gucci bathing suit.