This 1948 ‘PsychoQuiz’ Will Help You Determine Whether You’re Masculine Or Feminine

If you think gender essentialism is ridiculous now, imagine how bad it was back in 1948!

Published the year before my mom was born, this 1948 “PSYCHOQUIZ” was just that: a fairly psycho quiz designed to determine if your interests were more “masculine” or “feminine.” (There’s a larger version here.) It includes questions about gardening (men like to grow food, while women do not), recreation (crabbing versus dancing) and drapes, the last of which I suspect is a trick question because real men don’t care about drapes. The reading question makes my blood boil the most, though, because how can someone be a Schwarzenegger of the brain without reading both fiction and non-fiction?

The paragraph beneath is notable because you can tell it’s trying so hard to be progressive while remaining mired in the same vaguely Freudian, gender essentialist bullshit that characterized modern psychology up until rather recently. Amid all the discussion of “masculine” and “feminine” preferences, nowhere does it justify why certain things are necessarily masculine or feminine. They just are because they are, okay?

What did you score on the quiz? I scored a “fuck you,” because I dislike socially constructed gender roles.

(Via Buzzfeed)

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      “Dancing or crabbing” is a false dilemma.

    • Kristina

      i reeeeally like “repairing chair is more fun”. it’s very caveman-esque. i think the hulk would like to repair chair. maybe not so much as he’d like to smash chair…