Illustrated Guide: How To Go Gluten Free

First it was Atkins, then it was South Beach. But it’s been so long since a fresh, sexy diet revolutionized the self-esteem industry. …Until now. Have you heard of this new diet everyone’s talking about? It’s called “gluten free” and it’s inspired a lot of trend pieces. Miley Cyrus is doing it, Kim Kardashian went “g-free” too! Since I want people to love me the way people love them, I decided to look into a gluten free diet and I’m excited to tell you it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Here, I’ve written and illustrated an extremely thorough guide that’ll show you how to go gluten free for life!

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    • Jamie Peck

      lol this trend is the dumbest

      • Steve S

        As a trend it’s not dumb at all. The actual percentage of Celiacs disease isn’t known but the estimates range from 4% to 10% of the population. 1% is the diagnosed percentage.

        This is the most common auto-immune disease in the world. It can be painful and debilitating, it was for me.

        Thankfully I not only have a sense of humor about it I’m grateful I know what was causing so much pain and joint damage. Now if they’d just require labeling the hidden and incidental sources of gluten in food….

    • lyle

      Can you bury Kim and Miley in the swamp too? With all the gluten free brownies?

    • kit

      Loved this so hard.

    • Gaia

      I am SO SICK of the gluten free trend. It is utter nonsense. Less than 1% of the population actually has a gluten allergy! And all these awful gluten free products are loaded with chemical preservatives.

      • Buddy

        Didn’t you hear? Gluten free is the new fat free.

      • Jules

        A lot of people that eat gluten-free don’t eat “gluten-free products;” I’ll probably give the new Domino’s pizza a tree, but most of the time I just eat real food. It’s estimated that 1% of the population has Celiac disease (which is not an allergy), but there is actually a whole spectrum of gluten intolerance. I have the symptoms of Celiac, but had a negative endoscopy. When I don’t eat gluten (or corn & legumes to a lesser extent) I feel normal. I’m glad I didn’t buy into the myth that cutting gluten only benefits those with Celiac, or I would still be miserable.

      • Jules

        Er, give the GF pizza *a try* not a tree, haha.

      • jen

        Trees probably have gluten.

    • Sam

      “EAT A DICK, GLUTEN.” Cannot. stop. giggling at this. I will likely use this line at some point IRL.

      • jen

        Heehee, me too. And the little wheat stalks poking outta the bag… HAHA! Love this.

    • Alexis H

      The box of wasted dreams is particularly close to home for me. Preach, sister.

    • Amanda

      There are actually a lot of people that need to eat gluten-free to avoid serious allergic reactions. It is posts like this and people claiming it to be a new fad diet that make it extremely difficult for restaurants and food chains to take it seriously.

      • superjack

        It must suck to have a gluten sensitivity AND no sense of humor.

      • Amanda

        I am extremely bitter about the fact that I can’t eat normal food. So when people make fun of the fact that going g/f is stupid or pointless it makes me very mad and has nothing to do with my sense of humor.

    • Lastango

      My goodness, these drawings are funny, funny, funny. Each one is a little masterpiece.

    • Katie

      I admit that my gluten intolerance makes me jealous of the people that can do this as a fad diet. I still do have a sense of humor about it though!! Rocking the Redbridge Beer, but seriously miss Oberon… Maybe soon they will develop more (and, pretty please, better) gluten-free products, because it does suck to only be able to eat salads when you go to restaurants because EVERYTHING else has gluten in it. Maybe the fad will at least boost the availability of gf items!!

    • MR

      I go to whole foods coops here, and in the Berkshires and in Vermont, and they all have lots of gluten free stuff. I don’t eat it a lot of the time, but it can be tasty. Yeah, I’ve definately drunk beer with it, last time was with a gluten free brownie.

    • Blunt_Logic

      I am totally re-enacting this today (my last day of gluten ever), without the victory croissant. I’ll have to settle for a victory gluten-free cupcake. Gluten is really a requirement for flaky baked goods.

      (Also, bitter person you need Udi’s baked goods and Van’s waffles. They will make you smile.)

    • Gluten Dude

      I’ve got severe celiac disease. But I’ve also got a good sense of humor. The trend sucks. Well played.

    • Gluten Free Mom

      Well done, this is pretty funny. That is what this diet has become of late inspire of those that need it to be well. I know the slide of laying beside the grave with a flower on it is a great representation of what it feels like for some in regards to specific faves they had to say good bye to.

    • gluten

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