New Diet Advocates Skipping Breakfast And Blowing Up Balloons

Okay, skipping breakfast seems like it kind of makes sense. I mean, depending on how you eat breakfast, I guess. People often say that eating breakfast boosts the metabolism and that it can cause you to burn off something like 100 more calories a day. Which is great if your breakfast is “a bowl of fruit” or “yogurt” or “an egg.” It is not great if your breakfast consists of “breakfast nachos”.

They call this "the metabolizer."

I mean, it is great, but not great in a weight loss way.

The balloon thing sounds more bizarre. According to the Daily Mail, this is the secret to a flat tummy:

It sounds weird but blowing up balloons will strengthen and flatten the transversus muscle that lies across your stomach.

Buy a pack of mixed balloons (some easy to blow up and some more challenging).

Start with an easy balloon and stand up in front of a mirror (ideally just before bedtime — when lung capacity is at its peak). 

Hold your elbows up level with your face as you blow. 

Once your balloon is blown up, let the air out, and repeat ten times.

Take a three-minute break immediately if you start to feel dizzy.


Richard Simmons.

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    • Nancy

      Is that plate of nachos just a stock photo, or can you really get that somewhere? And please tell me you know where you can get them so I can add that place to my list of dream destinations.