What To Do When Famous People (Like James Franco) Hate You

Jen: Drew, why are you so mean to famous people?

Drew: Whenever I am asked this question, I think back to a very famous line from David Brent in ‘The Office’: “How can I hate women? My mum’s one.” My mom isn’t a celebrity, but I spent a lot of time imagining my parents were famous as a child, so I feel a certain kinship to A-listers. I don’t hate them, I just feel like they should be called out on their ridiculousness, as we all should.

Jen: Does it seem like a fair trade for the perks awarded celebrities? I mean, I think I’d hate being really famous because typing in your own name into google and reading about how awful you are does not seem like a fair trade for free designer dresses. But maybe it is! For some people?

Drew: Celebrities don’t deserve to have their lives under a microscope, but, then again, they also don’t deserve to make millions selling their baby pictures. I think we’re talking about a certain type of celebrity who is constantly berated in blogs and Page Six, but not all actors or actresses are Lindsay Lohan or James Franco. Some of them lead private lives, which is a trade-off because I’m sure it means less exposure and Vanity Fair blowjob pieces. Beyonce is a great example: no matter what’s written about her, she’s untouchable. And she’s lovely, so no one wants to take her apart, because they’d look like an asshole.

Jen: I think James Franco is a dick, Drew. For no good reason. I just kind of feel that way. That said, I am saying that without ever expecting him to hear my comment because I constantly forget that these conversations don’t just occur in my head. I would feel terrible if he wrote me a note saying I hurt his feelings.

Drew: Well, my very first Crushable post was about James Franco coercing NYU students to reenact gay sex scenes for his student film, so I’ve been on this story for awhile.

Jen: Right. He is absurd. Maybe just because society has said this is someone who I should care about, even though he’s a total stranger, I would take his condemnation more seriously than I might that of a regular, non-famous person.

Drew: It’s actually now something I can cross off my bucket list: getting James Franco to respond to my criticisms of his ridiculousness.

Jen: So, this is a win?

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    • Falene

      I love this article! One thing I have noticed living in the US is that there is a certain “seriousness” attached to be ing a celebrity. In England we don’t allow them to be that way, if they behave like that they are openly ridiculed at every opportunity. Unless of course you are a queen who has earned his brownie points for years in the biz, charitable donations and surviving drug addiction, eg Elton. Elton John can pretty much get away with anything, he also can sound like a soccer thug which scares people. A very fabulous soccer thug mind you. It’s all very tongue in cheek. Here celebrities tend to get on their soapbox veering either to the extreme left or the extreme right and that is acceptable, but God forbid you mock them for it! I think all American celebrities should be on the Graham Norton Show at least once and Never Mind The Buzzcocks, these experiences can only help them get a reality check. Truth a lot of Americans won’t go on his show because they don’t trust what he will say or ask. I will get off my soapbox now:)

      • Amy

        Graham Norton is the BEST! He’s hilarious and you can really tell the great celebrities from the wankers. Being self-deprecating and willing to laugh at yourself when you make millions of dollars off of people liking you is totally key.

    • Alexis H

      God, I hate JFranc (you like that?) so much. I’m a pretty reasonable person, but he makes me irrationally angry. Maybe it’s because I went to art school and have dealt with this faux-philosophical nonsense several times over? That smug douchebaggery that people are actually willing to indulge for reasons unknown. It’s garbage! Argghhhh!

      He reminds me of a drawing teacher whose class I dropped after he decided to not work on technique and instead explore our abilities to psychically connect with our fellow students. We were not allowed to speak in class for any reason and had to work on projects like drawing the same line a partner was drawing based on sound. I dropped the class before we got to the session with the Oijia board (that is absolutely not a joke).

      I was told by a former classmate that my mind just wasn’t ready and that in time I would “get it.” I’m in law school now and she’s still a waitress, so I guess I’m glad I never did. Anyway, my point is that James Franco sucks and so do people who buy into his crap.

      • Fu_Basho

        And we should totally care someone who’s apparently a judgmental douchette says about a celebrity who no one, genuinely, personally knows.

        haters love to hate.
        lovers love to love.

      • Alexis H

        Says the person who just called a complete stranger a “douchette.”

    • MeenaK

      I met James while working at Tribeca FF and he was so laid-back and nice. People were fawning over him everywhere he went and he kindly took pictures and signed autographs and actually spoke to everyone. As someone who has worked with many celebrities, he’s one of the most down to earth I have had the opportunity to meet.

      • superjack


      • Alexis H


    • Eileen

      Any celebrity who actually bothers to hate you is being petty. Along those lines, any celebrity who will engage you on Twitter to argue is kind of lame.

    • Jason

      Cool article, great response. This poser had 15 minutes in Spiderman. Since then in my opinion he has given only mediocre performances with the exception of 127 hours and even that was debatable. Truth be told, if that subject matter had not been based on a real event, no one would have bothered to comment at all about his acting as he portrayed the same character he portrays in every movie, the difference being his wardrobe. Yeah, yeah, I know about the awards nominations–very political if you know the inside track so that is no verdict on his performances at all. The guy is all sugar and spice if you’re flirtatious (male or female) but all 6 year old school bully if you call bullshit. I think he will set off his own demise in the business without any outside help at all eventually. I believe it would have already happened by now were it not for his legion of babysitters, falling all over themselves cleaning up his spilled milk.