Gallery: Anatomy Of A Wardrobe Malfunction, Starring Phoebe Price

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    • nic

      bahaha. excellent.

    • Kim

      Is that an extra-large bandaid on her leg in the first picture? Eww.

      • Alexis H

        Ew, I didn’t notice that at first! Cannot unsee.

    • Alexis H

      Pheobe always manages to give me a chuckle, but I do have to give her props for getting into events and the fact that I actually know her name. How does she pull that off? Maybe she wears all of those crazy outfits because she is actually a witch.

    • Em

      I foolishly (oh so foolishly) googled this ridiculous situation, thinking, “Oh, you never know, maybe she’s wearing a nude thong or something, and isn’t totally showing the world her cooter.”

      Not sure why I thought that was much better, and if I’d known anything at all about Phoebe Price, I guess I wouldn’t have bothered, since I now know that flashing photographers is how she spends the better part of her days. In fact, she’s gotten so accustomed to having flashbulbs reflecting off her vagina, that apparently she forgot that it was not in its most, ahem, photogenic state.

      Let’s just say that clearly she hasn’t switched over to the Diva Cup (which is all kinds of awesome, btw).

      I’m now experiencing my reaction to the Tom Cruise slideshow—OH GOD, CANNOT UNSEE, CAN-NOT-UN-SEE—only this time, it’s impossibly worse.

      What does it say about celebrity culture that rather than saying, “Dude, come on, don’t show us your vajayjay!” I now just want to say, “Ok, fine show everyone your privates. But couldn’t we save the insights into your period preferences for close friends and/or relatives?”

    • fenfan2

      Phoebe dazzles everyone she meets,
      when she strolls down the streets.
      Phoebe Price is so damn neat!
      For her its such a simple feat,
      to have so many come and greet.
      And when she smiles, oh what a treat,
      cause no one beats, Phoebe´s cheeks !

    • phoebefan

      Phoebe Price has the face of the 21st century. Her
      large cheeks which form beautiful round peaks of flesh are as feminine and
      sensuous as they come ! Her face simply transcends natural limits,
      as her incredible cheeks bulge forward, defying earth´s gravity. When she
      smiles, its seems her whole face erupts into a fabulous show
      of ethereal beauty and enticing glamour. Her eyes are both alluring and
      bewitching, and her impeccable skin displays ageless elasticity. The

      face of the century is enchanting men all over the world.