This Is Kate Middleton’s Life. Would You Want It?

Just thought I’d take this photo from Queen Elizabeth’s ongoing Diamond Jubilee celebration as an opportunity to remind you that Kate Middleton’s entire life consists of this: standing around in the afternoon, holding a glass of wine, and chatting with royalty.

Like, that’s it. She doesn’t go to work (OH SORRY, THIS IS HER WORK); she doesn’t have to go grocery shopping unless she wants to, for sport; and she gets free wine, all fucking day.

So here’s my question: Would you want this life?

Photo via Styleite

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    • Amanda

      No, thank you. Free wine all day? Yes, please. Designers making clothes for me? Absolutely. Fake laughing at clever royal banter? Kill me quickly.

      • Alexis H

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Eileen

      I’d take all of that, Amanda, but:

      1) Having to look perfect every time I leave my house (and often, even while in my house)? Ick, no.

      2) Not being able to state opinions on anything at all controversial (aka, never getting to say anything interesting)? NEVER.

      • Elizabeth

        Aha! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here. Don’t be Kate Middleton, be Prince Phillip. He clearly doesn’t have to worry about either of those things.

      • Eileen

        Ha, yup. 90-year-old men are beloved curmudgeons. 30-year-old women need to be more demure (especially when they haven’t had any royal-bloodline-securing babies yet).

    • Kate

      Does it sound all that great? No.
      I’m sure that her life is pretty monotonous, going to function after function, not getting to do any ‘normal’ things. On the one hand it’s probably quite tedious, and yet I imagine also quite stressful because of the pressure to always be perfect and appropriate.

      Saying all that….. if I could magically swap places…hell yes I would! Even if it is all pomp and ceremony, what a life! Just because it isn’t fun, doesnt mean it wouldnt be an amazing experience to be a part of that world and if I had the opportunity, I wouldnt be able to turn it down. Perhaps it’s worth losing some of your independence to be a part of something so much bigger. Of history.

    • Elizabeth

      I don’t know. Do royal people chat about interesting things?

    • lena

      wouldn’t want it. But, having said that, I’ll have to admit that there are far worse fates than being a princess, like living under a bridge , being a crack whore, or being Chelsea Handler’s vagina.

    • Sam

      Shoooot. I’ll take it. Sounds rough (ha, not) but since no one else seems to want it, give it to me!

    • miinxi

      i wonder if she ever has a pajama day and spends all day lazing around undressed and unshowered eating junk food?

    • Aditi

      I’ll take it. Yes it would be boring and I would hate it, but hell I’ll take it for those clothes and shoes.

      Not to mention- the fascinators….

    • Ewa

      Seriously? No. From where I stand, that would be worse than working in a corporation. But then, this is kind of what she does.

    • Kat

      Hmm, being me, spending my days working, cooking, cleaning and spending vast amounts of time having amazing fun with daughters and duvet days compared too having to spend 100% of your time acting and looking perfect because the eyes of the world are on you, being compared to Princess Diana constantly because she is your mother-in-law, never being able to slum it, having paparazzi following you and your family’s every move and giving up your dreams to be by your husband’s side, all because the man you fell for is the future king of the United Kingdom…

      I’ll keep my average life thanks, it may seem boring to some, but it’s far more rich than royalty to me :)

    • Topf

      NO WAY. I dont wanna have kids and her most important role (sadly) while being a royal is to have some.

    • Poems Ala Carte

      From this minimal small-minded point of view, as it is represented here, the worse of this is the implication that she is wine bibbing all day and standing around. She will eventually find her way over this perception and establish her own identity. Having to live as a royal she can learn from what Lady Diana did to establish her work with the suffering children and families in the global spectrum, which aided her sanity and utilitity of the unrelentless attacks from the press. She has to walk softly and learn the rudiments of royal life something that our American fantasy of the Cinderella life cannot comprehend. Hopefully, though they will only have grape juice instead of wine in those glasses. It’s more economical and healthwise.