• Fri, May 18 2012

Kristen Stewart Dresses In Drag For Elle

For the June issue of Elle magazine, Pouty McSulkystein Kristen Stewart did something unexpected. No, she didn’t smile, don’t be crazy — she posed as both a man and a woman, and she seduced herself.

It sounds odd — a little Terry Richardson, even — but it actually works, and the reason it works is that Stewart kills it in drag:


So, this makes me think about a few things. First of all, it makes me wonder why Stewart doesn’t embrace this side of herself more often, instead always looking like she’s squeezing out a painful shit by trying to conform to Hollywood’s expectations of a girly starlet. Also, it makes me feel a little sad that masculinity in women isn’t more embraced. I mean, look at Kristen as a dude — she looks hot!

Ah well. We have a long way to go before gender norms really start breaking down in Tinseltown. Here’s to Stewart for kind of getting the ball rolling.

Photo via Us Weekly

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  • Caroline

    Sexy indeed.

    You should check her out in Elle France – smiles!

  • M -

    Oh God, she’s actually really hot as a man. Never thought I’d say that.

  • Jade

    When I saw her for the first time in Panic Room I actually couldn’t tell what gender she was, so no surprises here.

  • Alexis H

    I think she looks better as a guy, no joke.