Poll: What Do You Think Of Rihanna’s Outfit For Dinner Out The Other Night?

The other night Rihanna was out with friends and hit up a restaurant in L.A. For her evening this was the outfit she wore. Thought?

Personally, I could never pull off this look. For starters, it’s white. I can’t wear white without immediately spilling something on me. Whenever I do attempt to wear white, it’s as though my body is pulled in any direction where a possible stain situation is inevitable. You could be eating pizza blocks away from me, and for some reason I’ll wander to wear you are and get that sauce on me. Secondly, I don’t have Rihanna’s figure, if I did, I’d probably be wearing a lot less than this. And thirdly, when I go out to dinner, I like to keep my belly hidden, so I don’t have to keep it sucking it the entire time I’m trying to enjoy whatever it is I’ve ordered.

However, my issues with this outfit aside for logical reasons, it was Celebuzz that was none too impressed with the look and chose not to keep it to themselves. After tweeting following: “Dear Rihanna, you’ve gone a little too far with this ‘outfit’http://t.co/zSKETVkk May be time to class it up and put some clothes on?” not only did Cher (I had no idea she was still around!) responded by calling out the media for slut-shaming, but then Rihanna also lashed to Celebuzz with this amazing line that I plan to work into every conversation I’ll have for the rest of my life:

While I do think that Celebuzz should shut the fuck up; and if they had been thinking, probably should have chosen other words to try to make their point, but I’m wondering exactly who out there would wear this outfit to dinner. Do you really think it’s too much?

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    • kjon

      I don’t like her style all that much. I like her hair when it’s long, wavy and bright red because it brings out her eyes. She has a great body so she can pull off this shit to an extent. Meh.

      I know there was a Jezebel shit storm over the misogyny in Rihanna’s response to Celebuzz but I feel safe here saying that it was kind of funny to me. The dry pussy reference was gross but I love it when chicks drop a line about their “dicks” with a totally straight face. I mean, fucking Shannon Doherty in Heathers, people?! “Why are pulling my dick?” <— I take any reason to say this. People have to take a second to realize what I said but by then it's too late.

      • Amanda Chatel

        I totally agree! Her response to Celebuzz — and of course it’s going to offend someone, because you can’t do or say anything without getting someone pissed off — was fucking priceless.

        Being overly PC is a real fucking downer…

    • Lindsey

      I haaaate the outfit. She looks like she’s a member of a girl group from the late nineties.

      Also, is she wearing a crocheted skirt with no underwear? That’s seriously a sanitation problem. Yuck.

      But! The shoes are pretty and her hair and makeup look quite nice. Also, as always, she’s super toned.

      Maybe she’s just bad at dressing herself and super rich? A dangerously tacky combo.