How To Score Free Food Pretty Much Everywhere

free food

People are always talking about how cooking at home will save you money. You know what else will save you money? Living off the land, like a hunter. Here is everything I know about how to do this (legally) (somewhat morally).

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    • Maria

      Yesterday waiting in the car in front of the supermarket:I see my mom walk past a guy next to a table full of beer bottles. me: mom, were these free beer samples? mom: yes . me: did you take one?? mom: no, why?

      true story.

      She has forgotten all about being a student.

    • Victoria

      There was a Lindt store in the mall near my house and they definitely did not give out free truffles.

    • Addie

      And most churches have activities where they give you A TON of free food, especially the LDS church. They love people to walk in on their activities and take some food :)